As an old clip emerges, Johnny Depps supporters believe he's coming to Serbia

As an old clip emerges, Johnny Depps supporters believe he's coming to Serbia ...

Fans of Johnny Depp are perplexed that the actor is preparing to depart the United States for Serbia, and there''s a reason to blame.

Several TikTok users are sharing an old footage of the actor, recorded while he was in Serbia to receive an award. The statement made by Johnny in the video has led to some thinking he will leave the United States.

The Pirates of the Caribbean actor has recently won his defamation complaint against his previous wife, Amber Heard.

As his personal life and career progresses in Serbia, let us tell you what Johnny said, which has sparked many supporters'' concerns about whether or not he will relocate.

TikTok featuring Johnny Depp explained

Fans of Johnnys are talking about the actor leaving the United States due to an old script that is making a buzz on TikTok right now.

According to Rolling Stone, the video from February 2022 when Jonny visited Belgrade, Serbia, to receive an award from President Aleksandar Vucic for his outstanding achievements in public and cultural activities.

As part of Serbian Statehood Day, the actor received the award.

However, the TikTok featuring Johnny just plays a part of his speech after receiving the accolade, which has prompted fans to believe he would leave the United States.

What did the actor say?

Johnny apologized to the President for the award and briefly discussed his life situation at the time.

President Vucic says he''s fully, sincere to thank you for his medal of merit. If I am given the privilege to walk away with this, I''ll thank you for being so kind to give it to me.

He added that if you happen to have me, im just on the verge of a fresh life and I like it, and I like a re-beginning. I''d love for that beginning to begin here in Serbia.

Although Johnny didn''t mention that he would go to Serbia for good, his statement is being interpreted by some of his supporters.

Fans react as the video resurfaces

Some TikTok users have dismissed the allegations of Johnny moving to Serbia, but others believe that he has gone to Serbia.

Explaining the video one user wrote, this was from a special event back in February of this year does not mean he''s moving to Serbia. cmon folks

But, another fan who believes the rumor, added, God bless you on whatever you do, and you will have nothing but happiness.

I knew it, and I knew he would not come back to us. Johnny, you are so grateful to hear from you.

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