What is Brown Noise, and why is TikTok so obsessed with it?

What is Brown Noise, and why is TikTok so obsessed with it? ...

People on TikTok have been chatting about the brown noise sound that has become popular on the platform. In fact, several people with ADHD have also spoken about it.

When it comes to making a sound or a video popular, TikTok tends to do a great job, and something similar happened when the brown sound was replaced.

Most of the time, people use sounds on the platform to tag them along with video content. In this case, the sound itself is the real deal.

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Brown Noise becomes popular on TikTok

Brown noise by Power of Noise has gone viral on TikTok, with over 1k videos already made on the same platform.

People have been reacting by listening to the sound, and some have suggested that it has helped them calm down. What is interesting is that many people with ADHD have come forward and claim that the sound has helped them improve their thoughts and focus. However, it is not clinically proven if this sound really helps with ADHD.

Despite the fact that people are sharing the same wisdom with others and urging them to try it out if they ever feel that their beliefs are separated.

What is Brown noise?

The sound of Sleep is divided in terms of brown, white, and pink. This way, the white sound may vary in shades, i.e., it may be in low frequency, mid-range, or even high frequency. The outlet gives the example of a waterfall that falls at different speeds and hits several objects.

Nevertheless, the pink sound is much louder at low frequency and softer at the high end. This technique can be improved by imagining the sound of light to medium rainfall.

A result of this technique will be a hard, gentle surf followed by a storm.

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Does sound help with ADHD?

Music may be beneficial to ADHD patients, according to Healthline. However, it is unclear if brown noise happens to be better than others.

According to the outlet, listening to music can increase dopamine, and this is beneficial to people with ADHD as they tend to have lowdopamine.

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