Instagram becomes a meltdown in Caroline Bryans cheeky thong post with her husband Lukes mother

Instagram becomes a meltdown in Caroline Bryans cheeky thong post with her husband Lukes mother ...

Caroline Bryans, a mother of four, posted an Instagram post choppy with her showing off her thong.

Caroline and Lukes mother, LeClaire Bryan, have a fantastic relationship, and the couple does not hesitate to take the time to take it off social media.

Caroline shared a picture on her Instagram that gave an inside look at the relationship, and several people have been jealous.

A look at Caroline Bryans Instagram post

Caroline took to Instagram to express her surprise that she had received from her mother-in-law a few days ago. Unlike anything she had previously seen, Luke''s wife revealed LeClaire bought a thong and showed it off.

Caroline decided to share the story with her one million Instagram followers without spending much time. She showed off the red thongs, and she returned..I would take a picture with her wearing them, but I need to borrow a weedeater.

People were hesitant to react to the same thing as the post received several likes, expressing their displeasure for the relationship they both shared.

How long have Luke and Caroline been married?

Luke and Caroline have been married for more than 14 years. According to the US Weekly, the pair had been college sweethearts who decided to spend their lifetime together.

Although things went great for the longest time, the pair had reportedly split briefly in 2000 because Caroline had been afraid to get married. After four years together, they returned together in 2004 and started working on their relationship. Eventually, they married and became married.

They welcomed their first child, Thomas Bo Boyer Bryan, in 2008, and a couple of years later, they welcomed another child. Since then, Luke and Caroline have been indistinct.

Luke Bryans mother is an Instagram star

While Luke and Caroline have a massive Instagram following of their own, the singers mother is not too far behind. In fact, LeClaire has 290k followers of her own.

She regularly posts content about her everyday life and gives her followers a peek inside what she has done. To add to this, she is not shy when it comes to showing off her fun side.

There is nothing that LeClaire cannot do right from eating a few drinks with her gal pals to fishing. You can follow her by clicking on the image below.

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