The Summer I Met Chris Briney and Meet Conrad

The Summer I Met Chris Briney and Meet Conrad ...

The Summer I Turned Pretty had its premiere in June 2022, which already has viewers hooked. The television series follows a love triangle between a girl and two brothers, one of whom is protagonist Conrad Fisher who secretly has a crush on Belly.

Christopher Briney, a New York City actor and filmmaker who plays Conrad in the next-of-age romantic drama, will meet.

Find out what you need to know about the star, including his other roles, real-life romances, as well as his interests off the screen.

Meet The Summer I Turned Prettys Conrad actor

Season One ofThe Summer I Turned Prettyintroduced Belly, played by Lola Tung, and the Christopher Brineys character named Conrad, in an epic love romance novel.

Briney brings the older Fisher brother to life as Belly seeks to navigate a love relationship with the two boys she has never met before.

Christopher Briney is an actor and producer. Briney''s Prime Video series will be his first long-term role, but he has also directed and played in several short roles, according to IMDb.

Briney is set to appear in Dali Landopposite in the next American film, with actors such as Sheila Miller and Helen Graves.

According to his website (, the actor was born in Connecticut and lived there for the majority of his life until attending Pace University to pursue a BFA in acting for film, television, voiceover, and commercial. According to US Magazine, he completed in May 2020.

Briney was born in 2000, according to famous birthdays.

More about Christopher Briney

The actor spent most of his younger years playing baseball and biking around the town, but he discovered his passions just before attending the Waterbury Arts Magnet School and serendipitously taking an acting class.

Other hobbies, including watching movies, taking pictures, or pitching in the New York City Mens Baseball League. Visit his website for his acting reel.

Despite the musician''s appearance in the series soundtrack, Christopher Briney admitted to being a smart fan of romantic comedy, naming his favourite character as Fever Pitch.

Using his own personal dating rules, he believes playing hard to get is pretty dishonest and prevents people from getting to know each other properly.

After discovering that he was chosen for the role of Conrad Fisher, Briney reportedly purchased a box set and devoured all three books that the series is based on.

What''s summer without conrad fisher?

Explore the star on social media

In September 2021, a user shared a collection of photographs showing persons in his life, one of which was showing a photo of his girlfriend sitting on his lap.

In June 2018, Briney visited social media to commemorate his close connection with his father by mulling him for his work.

Prime Video, the series inspired by book of the same name, byJenny Han, author ofTo All the Boys Ive Loved Before, will stream The Summer I Turned Pretty.

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