Where was The Lake recorded? Amazon series filming locations are explored

Where was The Lake recorded? Amazon series filming locations are explored ...

The Lake, an eight-episode series based on Amazon Prime Videos, is here, and fans are already curious to see where it was shot.

The tranquil lake in the series is set at the heart of the complex, which Justin recently divorced, and where the character has returned with his daughter Billie in the hope that they may make new memories together.

As the series entered on Amazon Prime Video today (Friday, June 17), we take a look at the scene. The Lake

Filming for The Lake was started late last summer.

Justin is returning from his trip abroad to reconnect with his daughter Billie. He intends to make new memories with her over the summer at his familys lakeside cottage, but things don''t go to plan when he learns his step-sister inherited it instead of him.

Filming for the project began in the summer months before wrapping it after two months in October.

The lake and Justins family cottage are a major component of the show, so it''s no surprise that viewers are curious to see where it was shot.

Where was The Lake filmed?

The production for the series took place in northeastern Ontario, Canada, and in the North Bay area.

The series is set in a cottage county, a common term used by locals to refer to popular areas in Canada where people have summer homes. This term, however, is often used to refer to locations across Ontario, but it may also include sites including New Brunswick and Ottawa.

In a press release annoning the start of production for The Lake, Amazon Prime Video described the series to be centered around the quintessential Canadian cottage experience.

The series was directed mostly in North Bay, in northeastern Ontario, according to IMDb. This area has also been the target of several other television programs and films over the years, including When Hope Calls, Lakewood, and Entangled.

Cast compare filming location to summer camp

Some members of The Lake cast have shared that nostalgia of a summer camp, reminiscing on their experience filming in northeastern Ontario last year.

Jordan Gavaris, who portrays Justin in The Lake, was furious about his filming experience on Instagram.

Last summer, I went to a summer camp with the most talented actors and comedians Ive ever met, created a television show, and had the time of my life.

In a recent interview with Canadian magazine Macleans, Madison Shamoun, who plays his characters daughter Billie, he was dubbed a''suffering comedian.''

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