In the wake of his rib injury, who is Tommy Clufetos?

In the wake of his rib injury, who is Tommy Clufetos? ...

During night one of their Stadium Tour, Motley Crues drummer Tommy Lee was replaced by Tommy Clufetos after the former revealed he had broken four ribs.

Tommy Lee has made it clear that The show must go on! is a motto he lives by. After only five songs during the opening night of their twice-delayed tour, the iconic drummer resigned due to four broken ribs.

Lee, who is now 59, resigned from behind his kit and addressed the crowd: "I f****** broke not one, not two, not three, but four f******ribs. In a Twitter post, the 59-year-old also reiterated his anger.

Theres no cool story behind Tommy Lees injury

Lee didn''t explicitly describe the cause of injury, but if you were looking for a macho story, the drummer revealed that was not the case.

I wish I had a f****** bad*** story, like myself and Conor McGregor, who are f****** removing out in a f***** bar or something, but I did, according to Lee, before adopting Tommy Clufetos as his replacement.

He already denied doctors orders by five too many songs: Doctors said, "No playing, bro?" And I was like, Are you f****** high, bro? Weve got a f****** tour to do, anyway! Anyway, I aint sitting out for s***. My boys gonna help me out here and I''ll see you guys later. On with the goddamn show.

Clufetos will step in for Lee until he is back at 100%.

Motley Crues Tommy Lee takes the stage at The Stadium Tour, but mid-set goes to the mic and claims after 2 and a half years of waiting for this show he broken several ribs recently and the doctors told him not to play. He promised to perform anyway #TheStadiumTour

Get to know Tommy Clufetos

Clufetos is well-known as Ted Nugent, Alice Cooper, and Rob Zombie as drummer starting 2010, as well as touring for the Black Sabbaths Reunion Tour, filling in for Bill Ward.

Because of his newly-found free time due to the epidemic, the 42-year-old decided to establish his own band in May 2021.

They reunited with Zombie, as well as John 5 and Nikki Sixx, creating a supergroup called LA Rats. Their debut track, Ive Been Everywhere, has been released in the Liam Neesons film The Ice Road.

Ive never done that. Ive never done a band together. Ive never written lyrics. Ive never done anything like that. So what better time than this whole year? he told Misplaced Straws.

The drummer is happily married to Casey, a woman he and his daughter June have met together in Los Angeles. The song, Make Me Smile, is a love letter dedicated to her.

Power Of Three is described as a rock and roll nursery rhyme love song he wrote about being her father.

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