Is a Lightyear sequel now available? Buzzs' next adventure is unveiled

Is a Lightyear sequel now available? Buzzs' next adventure is unveiled ...

For those who are old enough to reminisce about your first viewing of Toy Story, you may remember remembering to see the amazing host of toys once more as soon as possible.

The sequels have been in limited time and between 1999, 2010, and 2019 but have certainly been worth the wait every time. Ever since Toy Story 4 was on the big screen, fans have been anticipating the fifth appearance with Woody and Buzz.

We may not have seen it yet, but we now have the best thing.

Lightyear, led by Angus MacLane, is the film on which we know and adore and which Andy saw in 1995. He was actually asked to star in a Space Ranger action figure for his birthday.

Andy may have wanted a toy, but audiences in 2022 only want to start another adventure with the hero who started everything. So, is the Lightyear sequel now available?


Is a Lightyear sequel confirmed?

No, Pixar or director Angus MacLane have not confirmed a sequel to Lightyear.

Don''t let this go back to earth and away from Tikana Prime yet. Lightyear will only touch theatres on Friday, June 17, and its likely Pixar and Disney will keep an eye on the films box office performance.

If it does well financially, it is hard to imagine a sequel being left unanswered. After all, the sequel establishes the possibility for a Toy Story spin-off franchise in its own right.

Buzz is being captured by Commander Burnside, who understands the Rangers'' success and decides to revive the Galactic Ranger corps with Buzz at the head. The film follows Buzz, Izzy, Mo, Darby, and Sox on a new quest.

This bizarre adventure might certainly be the second instalment in a new Lightyear series. There''s also a final post-credits scene that has even more to come.

Director dishes details

Angus MacLane recently spoke about Screenrant''s sequel potential, revealing that he and the team had planned events before and after the thrills depicted in Lightyear:

I liked how Star Wars improved even more. I think that open-endedness is often the most interesting thing, especially when you start closing those doors and connecting those things that it becomes less powerful.

He continued: Right now, we are focused on finishing this film, but it''s meant to be this island of a narrative that is very much we don''t start when Buzz is born. It was very much this thing that youd imagined before and afterwards. I think it''s risky, but you know, who?

Chris Evans on a potentially ''#Lightyear''s next

I need me a sequel now

It''s clear that although many people have asked for more information so far, they have expressed the same appreciation in e-mails:

#Lightyear Isnt your usual space action adventure. It''s SO MUCH MORE then that! Sox The Cat has an MVP status. Pixar has been added in three post credit scenes, and i need me a sequel NOW

When I say this, I will say this. It may be one of the best animated films I''ve ever seen. Not only is it a visual marvel, but the themes also spoke to me and I felt connected to Buzz and his crew. It''s a pleasure to see this sequel!

#Lightyear, for anyone who grew up with the Toy Story films, was a fun game to watch. Not the least of which was Sox, which I already have a shirt on the way of, and it just works in a variety of ways. I''d like to see a sequel

I''m hoping for a sequel to #Lightyear right now!!! Lets see Buzz Lightyear adventures! Maybe in the next one we can see different characters like XR? And have it inserted into the animated series? Idk all Im saying is whos to say that there were no sequels to this movie in the toy story universe?

Lightyear is now exclusively available in theaters.

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