As the TikToks dont Google trend rises, a shocking puzzle video is explained

As the TikToks dont Google trend rises, a shocking puzzle video is explained ...

Many people have been divided on whether to take a risk of searching the internet due to the TikToks trend. The most recent suggestion for the challenge is the creepy puzzle video, but you need to know it before you go.

Users make videos urging followers not to look up certain things according to TikToks. Of course, lots of people are too scared to Google it, although curiosity often gets the best of them.

Scary puzzle video explained

***WARNING: Below are three graphic illustrations.

According to the Daily Dot analysis, the scary puzzle video was discovered on a DVD on a park bench in Spain. It is supposed to contain an endless amount of puzzles. According to the Scary Story explanation above, many people have tried to decode the mysteries, and the Morse code puzzle reportedly translates to RED LIPS LIKETENTH, an anagram of KILL THE PRESIDENT. A GPS coordinates for the White House are reportedly uncovered in the clip.

The puzzle video is also supposed to hide images in the audio. These can apparently be decoded into images through advanced software. Photos are intended to include a woman being strangled, a decapitated body, and other graphic images.

A photo from the horror filmThe Bunny Game, a German film,Slasher, and a corresponding picture of the Boston Strangler being investigated. You have been warned!

The backdrop for the disturbing puzzle is a derelict building in Otwock, Poland. It''s supposedly a former mental-health facility, which has been identified from photos for the duration of the video.

If you like surprises, a scary maze puzzle video isn''t going there.

The scary maze game has a new dimension. Let''s take a look at it.

If youre a millennium baby or older youve likely played it before. However, Gen-Z is merely discovering the online horror prank created exclusively to scare people.

The scary maze game has a long history, but few people give up playing one of the most extensive online games. Beware, if you choose to search for the scary maze, be prepared for a jump scare.

The scariest maze is simple to play, you control a small dot with your cursor, and you have to take it through four levels. However, if your dot hits a wall youll have to begin over and you only have to finish a few attempts. The game''s last time you hit the wall you lose the game and a frightening screaming zombie pops up on the screen to show you the joy of your life.

To start the game, click the left button.

Use the mouse to guide the pull through the mazes and different levels.

You must move the rope to the exit to reach a certain level.

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