Jennifer Lopez and her 14-year-old daughter Emme perform lets everyone sing at Dodger Stadium

Jennifer Lopez and her 14-year-old daughter Emme perform lets everyone sing at Dodger Stadium ...

Jennifer Lopez, a 52-year-old, demonstrated leadership in the family during her appearance at the Los Angeles Dodger Foundations Blue Diamond Gala on June 16th. She sang with Emme, her 14-year-old daughter, and her favorite Get Loud song, as well as a cover of Christina Perris A Thousand Years. Both appeared confident and delighted to be on stage in front of the big crowd and shared tender moments.

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Jennifer wore a bright and lovely turquoise ensemble while Emme wore a loose red button-down top and matching shorts. The doting mom also had her hair down with the look as her mini me sported a black baseball cap. The couple sang the classic Bruce Springsteen jam Born in the United States during their time in the spotlight.

Tonight at the Blue Diamond Gala, Jennifer Lopez and her daughter Emme will sing A Thoughts Years.

Jennifer and Emmes'' latest appearance comes after they made headlines when the mother-of-two, who shares Emme and her twin brother Max with ex Marc Anthony, teased up during her interview during the 2020 Super Bowl halftime show. The heartbreaking moment occurred during an interview she did for her new Netflix documentary, Halftime.

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Emme would sit in the cage, but she doesnt feel worried because she is next to me. So she knows that she will be safe up there, according to Jennifer''s life-changing moment.

I said, "You look right down that camera, and you tell every little girl in the world to get loud and to never drop off from seeing injustice." And, thus that wasThat was, I wanted to come out, after she did that, draped in the American flag, because I am not only a Puerto Rican citizen. I wanted the flip side of that to be a Puerto Rican flag.

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