According to Kim Kardashian, Pete Davidson thought Reign mismatched his real name was Raymond

According to Kim Kardashian, Pete Davidson thought Reign mismatched his real name was Raymond ...

It appears like Pete Davidson was criticized by many monikers for his children by Scott Disicks! Apparently, his ex refers to Reign as Raymond of course, so often that Pete genuinely thought that was the child''s real name!

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Despite the humorous slip up, theKing of Staten Islandstar has recently received widespread backing from his girlfriend. In May 2022, Kim announced his departure from the legendary sketch comedy seriesSaturday Night Live, making a decision that Kim believes is best for him, according to an exclusive SOURCE.

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Kim thinks hes making the most of his time making the decision for his career. She knows what SNL has been to help build the Petes brand, but he has a strong fan base right now, and he can do anything he wants.

She knows he''s been toying with the idea of leaving since they started dating, but she believes she made the right choice to leave. He already has a tlethor of projects and she wants that hell have more time with his schedule now. Pete will be able to remember everybody''s name with all of this free time!

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Following his departure, Kim showed her support for Pete''s actions in a more personal manner. I love you so much, and im so proud of you of the big things and everything in between the big things and the little things, she glean on her Instagram story. Consider me your personal, little life cheerleader because you deserve to have one. Woo!

When Kim and Pete were on SNL, they kissed during a scene. Kim reportedly felt a connection between the two, and after Pete didn''t appear to her after party, she approached a producer on the show for his phone number. She received the numbers and then texted him, and the rest is history.

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