ALTR is developing a policy automation tool for businesses

ALTR is developing a policy automation tool for businesses ...

ALTR, a Texas-based company that provides a platform for managing data access and security in Snowflake, has today announced the release of a policy automation tool to assist companies in simplifying the process of writing and maintaining policies to control who gets access to what data and how often.

Why automated policy implementation?

These data and analytics engineers are faced with enormous backlogs as a result of their business being set up data access policies, managing ongoing data permissions, and handling data access requests. These professionals end up spending a large chunk of the business hours on their main task.

ALTR''s policy automation platform, which was first announced at the next Snowflake Summit, addresses this challenge by automating access policies on sensitive data types (like emails and social security numbers) as well as data governance policies and security capabilities.

It combines traditional governance elements, such as access control and dynamic data masking, with security controls like data usage limitation and tokenization, all driven by meta-data (Snowflake tags, in the case of Snowflake) and implemented with no code, according to Doug Wick, ALTRs vice president of product.

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he added that reducing data costs allows data engineers to save months and completely delegate policy to their business areas as part of a data mesh strategy.

Whenever new data is added, there is no longer a manual handling of policy updates, or if more is done to keep compliance with sensitive information.

Exploding space

While the pricing is interesting, ALTR is not the only player to explore this space. Satori, Privitar, BigID, OneTrust, and TrustArc are all looking at or expanding in the access and compliance management category. In fact, just a few days ago, Immuta raised $100 million in series E funding.

ALTR differs from these players in three key ways: superior value to value and lower ownership cost, pricing that starts at zero and scales with usage, and extensive policy implementation by expanding governance to include security.

Some of the most prominent actors in policy automation, including Immuta, have taken the approach of building a proxy server that sits in front of the datastore. Wick said, the proxy team must maintain and maintain the infrastructure, keep it updated, and take ownership of any issues that arise. Some now offer a managed service version of their proxy, which is often referred to as SaaS [software-a-service], but it merely means that they will deploy the proxy for you and take some of it off your hands.

ALTR, a cloud-native service, connects directly to Snowflake''s back end, leaving all of your access points unchanged. It uses cloud resources to scale and perform with your Snowflake instance, with a free edition of our software that takes minutes and creates no burden on your IT team.

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