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Facebook Called "Rewriting History," The Claim Of The US Authorities Against It

Facebook Called "Rewriting History," The Claim Of The US Authorities Against It

Instagram Facebook is trying to "rewrite history" when the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) demands to force Facebook to sell Instagram and WhatsApp because it previously approved these deals, according to a message from the social network on its official website.

Facebook noted that the FTC has studied in depth the deal to buy Instagram in 2012 and allowed it to be held. The European Commission did the same in 2014 when the social network acquired WhatsApp.

"Now, many years later, seemingly oblivious to the established law or the implications for innovation and investment, the Agency claims to have made a mistake and requires a rework. Apart from the fact that this is a rewriting of history, antitrust law should work in a very different way," Facebook said in a statement.

The social network stressed that they do not violate antitrust laws, as the FTC claims, but compete fiercely with other large companies and services, such as Google and TikTok. Besides, the purchased sites differ significantly from each other functionally, so consumers are not limited in their choice.

Instagram Facebook previously reported that the FTC filed a lawsuit against Facebook, in which it demanded to force the social network to sell Instagram and WhatsApp. The Agency accused Facebook of monopolizing the market and said that it should be required to continue to coordinate all transactions with the US authorities.

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