Two new senior vice presidents have been named in the Arena Group

Two new senior vice presidents have been named in the Arena Group ...

Get The Arena Group Holdings Inc. Reports claim it has made two key management steps involving its sports business and growth strategies.

The Arena Group has announced that it has appointed Chris Pirrone to a newly created role as the head of sports.

Pirrone will oversee Sports Illustrated as well as the portfolio of sports Illustrated media group, including the Fan Nation.

Pirrone, the previously general manager of the USA TODAY sports media group, is expected to join the company later this month.

"Chris Pirrone is a welcome addition with a strong audience record at USA Today Sports Media, including six-fold audience growth, continuous revenue growth, and the growth of dozens of popular sports properties, according to Rob Barrett, the media executive for The Arena Group. "We are looking forward to seeing Chris lead the next wave of innovation at Sports Illustrated and The Arena Group," Barrett said.

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Matt Lombardi was promoted to senior vice president, and this is partly the case.

Last year, Lombardi joined The Arena Group when it acquired The Spun, a sports media company he founded.

Previously, he had served as the head of the SI Sports Growth Division, VP.

The Arena Group said that Matt and the Spun team have been instrumental in our company''s rapid growth over the past year. He has mastered the transition between publishing, algorithm-driven channels, which are the effective new home pages for users, and to improve it.

According to the statement, Lombardi will continue to oversee The Spun and SI''s breaking-trending news desk. In addition, he will oversee trending content operations across all Media Brands sites and channels.

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