Delaware has to wait until the sale of cannabis news this week, with sales falling in Illinois

Delaware has to wait until the sale of cannabis news this week, with sales falling in Illinois ...

Delaware has to wait.

Delaware legislators failed to have enough votes to override Democratic Gov. John Carney''s veto of a bill prohibiting recreational cannabis possession.

According to the Associated Press, the Democratic-controlled state House had a split 20-20 vote on Wednesday, dangling well short of the three-fifths majority needed to overthrow the vote.

Last month, a 26-14 vote allowed the original bill prohibiting possession of up to one ounce of marijuana by adults.

However, the bill would not legalize cannabis, resulting in a certain split among lawmakers.

According to the AP, some of my colleagues feel that you cant regulate what is still illegal.

Six of his party members crossed the aisle to vote against the rule, according to the Democrat.

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Illinois Sees A Sales Decline

Illinois, which has completed its third year of legal recreational and medical cannabis sales, is experiencing the ups and downs of the marijuana market.

Data from May has both positive and negative news.

Adult use sales increased for the second year in a row, from February to March. According to the state, sales in Illinois increased to nearly $131 million.

Between February and March, sales figures increased to $109 million.

The bad news from May is that sales fell in tandem with April.

However, the increase from $39.2 million in sales in January 2020 to $129.8 million in May 2022 has never been linear.

The first time sales decreased sequentially was from January to February. The time before that was October to November.

Illinois'' cannabis revenue is expected to double between 2020 and 2021. Despite being on track to reach $1.38 billion in last year, growth is likely to be slowing.

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