Costco is making a massive improvement (and you're not going to like it)

Costco is making a massive improvement (and you're not going to like it) ...

There has never been a better time to purchase gas than it is today.

Fuel prices have risen in the first half of the year, while lowering the national average by $5, so it''s never been more attractive to find an alternative transportation choice, whether it''s work or social gatherings.

Many people are turning their attention to electric cars as a way to dodge this issue. Worldwide shortages of semiconductors, as well as issues with supply chains and logistics, make it difficult for carmakers to keep up with the demand.

People who can''t find an electric vehicle are either working from home or forced to take public transportation wherever it''s available, making a time of terrible inflation so much more stressful.

Some have encountered problems, including getting gas at their local Costco (COST) - Get Costco Wholesale Corporation Report, which is known for its lower fuel prices.

Costco has historically required a membership to fill up at the pump. According to its official website, the only exception to this rule is when a person uses a Costco Shop Card, which is basically a gift card.

This does not appear to be the case everywhere. Costco does not openly advertise it, but some people suggest that they may get gas at their local Costco outlets without paying membership cards.

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As New Jersey was previously prohibited from participating in gasoline pumps, this has largely been the case. However, a new announcement is on course to change it.

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What''''s Changing at Costco?

Signs started to pop up at Costco locations in New Jersey a few days ago, declaring that people who are looking to increase their income will have to provide an active Costco membership card.

People in New Jersey are prohibited from pumping their own gasoline, thus this is no easy way to get around this new rule.

Nonmembers have been permitted to buy gasoline at Costco''s New Jersey locations for the past 20 years. While Costco tries to make gasoline membership-only across all locations, the regulation was inconsistent with New Jersey''s state fuel sales regulations, andin 2004, the retailer was forced to open its pumps to nonmembers in order to comply.

This is a strategy to avoid crowds at the pumps, which has resulted in a shortage that has plagued the country since gas prices increased.

Even membership holders waiting in the long lines may not be getting the most of a deal. Some Costco locations in their areas have outrageously high gas prices, some of which are nearly $6 per gallon.

Combining all of this with Costco''s rising prices, the bulk retailer might not be the best choice for those looking to save money.

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