Bluetooth Auracast will enable you to share audio with multipledevices

Bluetooth Auracast will enable you to share audio with multipledevices ...

This week, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (Bluetooth SIG) quietly announced a new Bluetooth capability that will be a success for everyone, from audiophiles to the average consumer who loves wireless audio.

Auracast, a new technology, is built on the addition of the LE Audio Protocol''s existing point-to-point communication and sharing audio with up to two headphones or speakers. However, Auracast will also allow Bluetooth devices to transmit audio to a number of other devices that are in range.

One Bluetooth receiver will be able to offer its audio to nearby Bluetooth receivers, and those devices will receive instructions on how to connect the Auracast transmission. Bluetooth SIG predicts that the UI will be similar to that used by public Wi-Fi networks, and that the broadcast may be limited to specific devices with the appropriate passkey.

This means you''ll be able to do things like connecting to a TV in a public space, sharing a presentation with several people, or simply liking one of the various music playlists at the gym. Moreover, this will enhance the audio experience for people who need hearing aid devices.

According to a statement, "we are very pleased to work with the Bluetooth SIG and we are excited to see that this capability offer consumers new, imaginative ways to connect with each other and hear their world." This suggests Auracast functionality may be added to devices such as the Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro, and Pixel 6a.

Organizations like the Hearing Loss Association of America are expressing their support for Auracast, and businesses like Google and Xiaomi are already working to support the new standard, which would help with its adoption. Bluetooth SIG says the final Auracast specification will be released sometime in the next months.

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