Juelz Santana wins a battle over Memphis Bleek in a verzuz game

Juelz Santana wins a battle over Memphis Bleek in a verzuz game ...

Another Verzuz may be happening, or at least Juelz Santana and Memphis Bleek may have planted the seeds for a possible future match.

Juelz Santana got off his chest during a recent visit to the N.O.R.Es Drink Champs podcast. Noreaga asked whether the Dipset-rapper would face Memphis Bleek in a Verzuz, to which Santana replied, but he did not think he wants it.

I can''t say that, because he''s going to want what he wants, but the people don''t want it. But Bleek, however, is good, though. I aint taking nothing away from him either, but I just put myself up there, according to Juelz. That''s why he''s not supposed to say anything about himself. That''s why he''s just embarrassed. I''ll say that if he''s not going to be where Wayne is

The clip, which featured the Marcy Houses-rapper, was pushed towards Memphis Bleek, who was challenging him to drink Champs by the Marcy Houses, but he can get this by adding a fire emboji. Bleek also responded to a fan who claimed, Haaa, it goes down so bad it can only hurt his face.

The reason why Verzuz is engaging is because to the idea that you''re placing two manifestably similar artists in the same ring while also being able to fight.

He said he want that smoke? That''s why my G, but he''s not sure how to get it? https://t.co/r9Agis37YF

Both Juelz Santana and Memphis Bleek were established under Roc-A-Fella Records, then began as proteges to two of the most famous hip-hop stars in hip-hop history through Jay-Z and Camron, and had a similar musical outing that makes a lot of sense these two artists would be paired up for a fight.

Here''s to hoping that the business side works out, so that Juelz may return to the Triller premiere series to redeem himself following last summers Dipset vs. The LOX matchup.

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