According to your rising sign, Zodiac Signs face: Your Physical Features

According to your rising sign, Zodiac Signs face: Your Physical Features ...

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Have you ever wondered if your zodiac sign and your face have something in common? Well, your ascendantaka, your rising signcertainly does! In astrology, the rising sign represents the essence of your personality and the way you navigate the world. It may also be related to your physical characteristics, your body shape, and even the way you express your emotions on the surface.

All of the rising signs have their own signature appearance and physical quirks! For example, a Cancer rising may have a heart-shaped figure due to their romantic and compassionate nature. A strong and willful Aries rising may be known for its large shoulders and capable stature. Read on for more information.

The rising sign is used to describe the zodiac sign that was rising on the Eastern horizon when you arrived in this world and took your first breath as a baby! In astrology, this is the moment the soul enters the body! The zodiac sign at play during that brief moment is a zodiac sign that will so many of you throughout your life.

The rising sign (or ascendant) may be a valid indicator of the way you appear to others. Consider it as everyone''s first impression of you! Your rising sign also governs your physical appearance, your mannerisms, and the overall way you project yourself. However, remember that genetics, habits, and the aging process of life influence your appearance as well.

For more information, see your ascendant or rising sign and include your date, date, time, and location of birth in this natal chart calculator! Even without further ado, this is exactly what you *might* look like if your rising sign is:

According to your zodiac sign, your physical features

Aries people usually have unique facial features such as birthmarks and scars. They are often considered to be baby-faced, looking much younger than they really are! Aries risings typically have a strong nose, a flashing smile, and eager eyes. Sometimes, they have reddish hair or a rose complexation to account for their fiery nature.

Aries risings are also known for having large shoulders and tight hips on a large frame. Even if they aren''t prone to working out, they may appear agile or athletic. Because Aries people are usually accident-prone, an Aries rising will usually have some interesting scars on their bodies.

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Taurus risings are often very attractive with symmetrical and pleasing facial features!

Taurus ascendants often have a different neck that makes them stand out, whether it is very delicate or very pronounced. They usually have a sturdy structure with a strong posture. Because they are ruled by the neck and vocal cords, Taurus ascendants often have a different voice or manner of speaking that sets them apart.

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The first thing youll notice about the aGemini ascendant is its mouth, because it constantly moving! Its clear that their face is an open book, which can make them very easy to read. They have bright eyes, delicate features, and a friendly smile that draws everyone into.

Gemini ascendants are often very tall with lithe bodies. They have extremely curly arms and hands that people notice. Plus, Geminis tend to be quite engaging storytellers, hence their hand gestures. When you see a Gemini rising shake their legs, you may also see a Gemini rise shake their legs.

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Cancer ascendants are well-known for their round and full faces, similar to the full moon they are ruled by. They often have softer features, high cheekbones, and very emotional expressive faces. They have a gentle process about them that makes them easy to trust.

Cancer patients are usually slightly thinner than those who are round. Cancer patients are often broad-chested, and if they were being completely honestbig boobies. Because Cancer ruled the fourth house of home and family, many Cancer rises often bear a similar resemblance to their parents (especially their mother!)

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The first thing youll notice about a Leo ascendant is their hair. Similar to the regal lion, Leo risings always have a full mane of dark hair that makes them distinct from everyone else. When the wind blows, their hair dances along with it!

Leo ascendants bodies are known for their strong, broad shoulders, long gait, and appearance. In fact, they are known for looming over others. Ruled by the sun, Leo ascendants often have a golden undertone to their skin or a smile that lights up the room.

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Though, be carefulthey *do* have a resting judgment face, even if they do not mean to!

Some might mistake Virgo ascendants for being modest with their small frame and average height, but they are actually quite strong with lean muscles, especially if they are a particularly health-conscious Virgo. Non-prudential Virgo ascendants tend to blush easily, not because of their prudish reputation, but because they are secret romantics and sensitive to others'' energy!

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Libra ascendants, inspired by beautiful Venus, are often rewarded with stunning features, including a glowing complexion, pouty lips, defined noses, and heart- or oval-shaped faces. They usually have dimples or even a cupid bow on their lips!

Libra ascendants bodies are known for being symmetrical, with full, voluptuous figures that is pleasing to the eye. Libra ascendants have a natural charm that manifests in their appearance, bringing people into a flamboyant circle.

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The first thing you might notice about a Scorpio rising is their eyes. No matter what color or shape, their eyes are always magnetic, piercing, and incredibly hypnotic. They also have sharp features, noticeable cheekbones, dark eyebrows, and pouty lips!

Despite their often short or stout appearance, Scorpio individuals are built sturdy with strong shoulders and might easily defend themselves. Scorpio risings have a serious demeanor and wear a poker face as though it was tattooed onto them. They are also famous for their hourglass appearances that linger in the imagination!

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Sagittarius ascendants have open faces with broad foreheads and cheerful expressions. Their eyes are very expressive and constantly beaming with curiosity. Their eyes are also defined and obvious thanks to all the rumbling jokes they are afraid to making!

Sagittarius ascendants have an athletic build with long arms and legs that are effective and toned with little effort. They also have a lot of power, which causes them to remain in a phase of constant moving. When they''re talking about a story, they often do something about them.

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Capricorn ascendants age extremely well, like a fine wine. However, when they are young, they may even look older as if they are wise beyond their years. As children, they looked and acted like little adults with their big eyes and deep-set eyes!

Capricorn people are often of medium height and with their deep foreheads, sharp elbows, and high cheekbones. They are known for their striking physique because they are so hard working and willing to take steps to relieve stress-related skin issues, including acne, rashes, and eczema.

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Aquarius ascendants are often influenced by unique facial qualities that make them truly one-of-a-kind! Despite their will high foreheads, fade a half-smile, and they are inquisitive eyes that exterminate their supplant appearance.

Aquarius ascendants are usually very tall, with long torsos, wide shoulders, and shapely legs. They also have a great bone structure that prevents injury throughout their lifetime. Due to their unique nature, Aquarius ascendants can often appear awkward and clumsy in their movements.

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Pisces ascendants have a sweet smile on their soft, round faces. They often look far into the distance, losing in their colorful imaginations. Pisces ascendants are also known for their soft, baby-fine hair, sensual lips, and large eyes that have used so much. Pisces ascendants are always old souls and they look like they have experienced something many times before.

These individuals have a tendency to have beautiful and attractive ankles and toes. They may also be very awesome on their feet, wearing shoes that demonstrate off their angular feet and performing dance moves.

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