Tom Schwartz's slain marriage is similar to my own funeral, according to Katie Maloney

Tom Schwartz's slain marriage is similar to my own funeral, according to Katie Maloney ...

Katie Maloney said she would never leave Tom Schwartz for her own funeral.

Maloney, 35, began a long Instagram post expressing their displeasure over their relationship. This one is causing a lot of suffering.

She went on, but the emotions and words are difficult to pin down. This chapter on my life feels like attending my own funeral. But I''m very grateful.

Two days after revealing that she and Schwartz would soon leave their shared house, the reality star shared the intimate thoughts, accompanied by a snap of Maloney sitting on the floor of the empty house.

Thank you for being the coziest brightest home, for your memories, for being my sanctuary, for permitting me to dress you up like a typical movie at Christmas, and for being OURS. Im going to miss coming home, she said.

Schwartz claims that the 39-year-old Vanderpump Rules star took to Instagram to reflect on their passing day, joking that he does not know the appropriate break-up font or canned Instagram caption to use, but that he felt the need to clarify certain things with the public.

Katie and I are separated. He said she is not quite ready to use the D word b/c it''s too painful in his own words.

He said he isn''t looking for sympathy and knows he is not the victim, as he respects his VPR co-stars decision to move on.

If she had decided to stay with me while being unfavorable, it would be far more sad.

Despite their assumptions about the couple based on the Bravo hit, Schwartz focused on the irony of a reality star requesting privacy.

Perception is being skewed as a result of seeing snipets of our lives on the show, but i''m telling you that we had some of the most beautiful, romantic, fun times humanely possibleI''m talking heaven on earth level joy.

Schwartz concluded by saying that he respects his ex without feeling sorry or bitterness, while also letting fans know that he is aware of the actual development in the United States.

I have a point here. Ill be fine. So Ill close out now and say it one last time, love you Bub. Always and forever youll be in my heart. On my ass? not so much.

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