In the midst of a shortage, Olivia Munns carefully packed baby formula spills in a suitcase

In the midst of a shortage, Olivia Munns carefully packed baby formula spills in a suitcase ...

Unless there is a shortage in the country, it is no benefit crying over a spilled baby formula.

In the wake of the scarcity of the nutrient-rich substance, Olivia Munn revealed that half a container of baby formula was spilled in her suitcase and on the floor.

When there is a formula shortage, open your suitcase to discover your carefully packed formula has gone open, and half of it is gone now, Munn, who gave birth to her son Malcolm in November 2021, wrote on her Instagram Story on Thursday, along with a crying face emoji.

A photo of the floor and her suitcasecoveredin powdered formula that escaped when the container was opened in transit was posted by the actress.

Munn, 41, said last month that she was panicking in the wake of the baby formula epidemic, and criticised those who advised moms to breastfeed instead.

When people say if you breastfeed you won''t have to worry about the formula shortage, they say, it''s so odd! shetweetedat the time.

I have a poor milk supply, therefore to keep my infant fed I depend on formula, according to her. I wish I could breastfeed, so I wouldnt be panicking right now about the situation.

As she said she was struggling to produce enough milk to sustain the newborn, the Newswoom alum turned to baby formula as a supplemental to breastfeeding.

In January, she revealed how she recovered a million vitamins, as well as countless teas, lozenges, tinctures, and worked with two lactation consultants.

Some other moms who take allll [sic] the supplements and teas and tinctures, yet never make milk, might be surprised by this fact.

Munn talks with comedian John Mulaney, whom she began dating in the early 1990s despite his disgruntling from Anna Marie Tendler.

Tucker Roberts, a former businessman, and NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers have been dating the actress.

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