The absence of John C. McGinleys from acting has been sexy

The absence of John C. McGinleys from acting has been sexy ...

AUSTIN, Texas Scrubs alum John C. McGinley said it will take a lot for him to say yes to a new role these days, because he is busy raising his children.

Billie Grace, 14, and Kate, 11, have a son, Max, from his first marriage to Lauren Lambert, who has played in various roles for a year since 1986.

Im not [working] now. It''s a bit deductive, according to Page Six at the ATX TV Festival over the weekend. When I consider how it will be, because youre working not fatalistically, it will take a lot of time.

McGinley, 62, said that he is enjoying introducing his kids to school and gymnastics right now.

Because there''s a little window, especially with little girls, where youre going to be allowed in and then youre is not going to be allowed in anymore, he said, joking that he''s on the way out.

The rest of McGinleys'' time is spent serving on the board of directors of the Global Down Syndrome Foundation, which is near and dear to his heart because his son has Down syndrome and working with the Special Olympics.

When McGinley explained why the foundation is focusing on Alzheimers disease, I know what Maxs path is. If hes fortunate enough to live long enough and, as you know, were buffering him with all kinds of therapies and things that will give him the best possible chance to live long-term lives, he will develop Alzheimers.

According to the National Down Syndrome Society, 30 percent of people with Down syndrome will develop Alzheimers disease in their 50s, and 50 percent of those with Down syndrome in their 60s have Alzheimer.

When asked how his son''s doing, McGinley said, "Matthew is healthy and energetic. Hes a job at Starbucks, plays in a band, and has a concert in a few weeks. He loves being with his sisters. He''s in excellent condition right now.

Max is praised by McGinley for instilling the personality of his most well-known character, Dr. Perry Cox on Scrubs.

I believe the cameras are an X-ray equipment and you can''t see me, John McGinley, without seeing Max because I brought him to set every day right in my stomach, I brought him, and it doesn''t matter whether or not it is up on a billboard or not, according to Maxy.

According to McGinley, the episode that was difficult for him to focus was in Season 5, when the hospital lost three transplant patients to rogue conditions.

When I was at Maxs bedside, I used to hold my guts because I wanted to keep them in, and I put that in when Zachy [Zach Braff] brings me a sandwich at the end of it, and you see Im just holding my guts because I used to keep them, according to a historian.

I was able to hold my guts for a while, and if you bring some of that with you into the scene, the camera will suffer as your truth, and it was my truth, and the question becomes, how much of your Maxy truth do you want to tell? In the episode, I told you everything.

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