Roman Reigns WWE Schedule Changing In A Big Way

Roman Reigns WWE Schedule Changing In A Big Way ...

Roman Reigns is the head of the table in WWE, but even the Undisputed Universal Champion needs a break. It appears that he is entering a new phase of his WWE career, where he will appear less often.

Roman Reigns is off the money in the bank pay-per-view. It was previously reported that SummerSlam will be closed, but this will be three months without a title defense for the WWE''s top champion.

Sean Sapp, the chairman of Fightfuls, claimed that WWE reps told the outlet that Reigns'' live event schedule has been reduced, but he will remain on television for whatever reason. This doesn''t appear to be true, given that the Reigns schedule appears to be changing no matter what the outlet is told.

Reps for WWE have been told Fightful that his live event schedule would be reduced, but that he would continue on television, and wasnt expected to miss any time. That does not appear to be true. We have found additional reps for clarification.

At SummerSlam, Roman Reigns is expected to wrestle.

The WWE feels like money in the Bank ladder matches is enough to sell that pay-per-view, so they won''t need Roman Reigns. The event does not begin at the Allegiant Stadium, but is now in the MGM Grand. This location move is an interesting one as it appears to coincide with Roman Reigns suddenly notwithstanding.

We will have to see what the future holds. WrestleMania 39 is still holding out for a dream match of Roman Reigns.

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