The producers of Marvel have cleared the mystery about the Easter egg from Guardians of the Galaxy (Exclusive)

The producers of Marvel have cleared the mystery about the Easter egg from Guardians of the Galaxy ( ...

Ms. Marvel is expanding (or perhaps "embiggened") once more with its latest addition to Disney+ in New Jersey City, a coming-of-age origin story that has been confirmed to play in the Marvels in 2023. Iman Vellani plays Kamala Khan, a sixteen-year-old girl, and Ms. Marvel tells the story of how a superhero gets her own powers.

Kamala Khan''sReed Richards-esque sweet powers have been swapped for those of the cosmic variety, which she happens to discover on-stageAvengerCon at Captain America''s Camp Lehigh.

Because of its various nods to Avengers: Endgame, AvengerCon has also been a major topic of fan conversation. In fact, those Endgame callbacks, which happen to include the Guardians of the Galaxy, have prompted fans to wonder how the people of Earth might know about this craze of misfits.

During the premiere''s opening, KamalaKhan confirmed that a talkative Scott Lang has been sharing Avengers intel with the public thanks to guest appearances on in-universe podcasts. However, how are the individuals of Earth aware of the extrasterrestrial Guardians'' physical appearances and designs and other non-public figures?

As a result of the Spider-Man: No Way Homeconnections and the shared genre, a Marvel producer has provided a response.

Earth Knows About Guardians of the Galaxy, According to the Ms. Marvel Producer

Sana Amanat, the creator of Avengers: Endgame, explained to The Directhow how the Guardians of the Galaxyphysically look following Endgame''s final battle, declaring, "A big event like this? "There''s gonna be some sort of recording elements of it, according to Ms. Marvel:

"Right now there''s only a bias. This is the first step towards making a big event like this. It''s gonna be some sort of recording elements, according to many people. It''s probable that it''s been discovered and that it''s a way to capture some of thatfootage."

Since the people of Earth have seen glimpses of the Guardians, Amanat revealed that the Ms. Marvel team played around with humanity''s "interpretation of the Guardians" and even "making names for them:"

"So I think the fun thing we played around with is what their Guardians depicted when they see them in the Battle of Earth and they have no clue who they are. "There''s a lot of fun playing around with the fact that they don''t even know their names and are making up names for them," says the Guardians. Star-Lord was Star-Boy. It was kind of funny spins of what people think the Guardians are called, and probably things they would make them very depressed."

The Guardians were far from the only referenceat AvengerCon. In fact, some elements - and characters - from Spider-Man: No Way Home made their way across the Hudson River to Kamala''s Jersey City.

Given the fact that the two were simultaneously filming, Amanat noted that Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige is "aware of everything," and that "all executives are always talking to each other" when asked about keeping Spider-Man: No Way Home and Ms. Marvel''s continuity.

"Kevin" is kind of examining everything and being aware of everything. It''s all we''re always thinking, always talking to each other, and all executives are always talking to each other about what''s happening in one another''s projects and productions. So, it wasn''t that challenging for us as long as it made sense for the story and it made sense for the world. It happened quite seamlessly."

Ms. Marvel is a coming-of-age tale of a teenage superhero, like Spider-Man: No Way Home.

When pitching Kamala Khan, Amanat said, "we went in that direction."

"For me, I love coming of age stories," Tom Brevoort said of his departure from Marvel many years ago. He was joking about certain stories about high school students. Honestly, I wanted to see more of that. Later on, when we were pinning Kamala, that''s kind of why we went in the direction because when you weren''t talking to Kamala, you were off with Bruno, so we wanted to understand their world a little more."

Amanat emphasized that "classic American comedies" were an inspiration for the Ms. Marvel team and how they wanted to "follow that mold and then offer a fresh perspective."

"It kind of makes sense to me," says the filmmaker, adding that to the screen, there are so many classic American teen comedy that were inspiring to us, and we wanted to follow that mold and then use it to provide a fresh perspective through this young Muslim lady who is so unusual and fun. And, here''s why it made sense and came together in a similar way."

How Ms. Marvel Brings Fans to Life Within the MCU

Even if audiences have only seen one episode of Ms. Marvel, the reactions have been positive, and fans seem to enjoy the genre as well as the show''s many MCU connections.

The fact that Avengers fans on Earth are speculating and theorizing about Endgame''s climactic battle isn''t only fun, but it also echoes what real-world MCU fans do with trailer footage, posters, and set photos.

Future episodes will be interesting to see if they reflect more of that and other ways Earth has responded to what they know of Thanos'' attack on Earth. Perhaps viewers will also notice Rocket''s reaction to the Terrans'' behavior.

While it''s true that Tom Holland''s Spider-Man trilogy was also a coming-of-age teenage tale, Ms. Marvel is different in several ways. First of all, Kamala Khan shows what it is to be a youngAvengers fan in high school, but within the confines of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

While Peter Parker knew of the Avengers and Tony Stark, he clearly wanted to be an Avenger himself. His room wasn''t covered in fan art, he wasn''t cosplaying in his spare time, and his films exhibited his own interactions with his heroes, as opposed to Kamala''s speculation. In many ways, she is most like the people who watch.

Secondly, while a Spider-Man film had two hours to tell a hilarious story,Ms. Marvel''s six-episode series has the benefit of being able to fully complete her daily living at home and at school, as well as her friendships with her family, friends, school, and community.

Ms. Marvel isn''t the first MCU project to tackle the genre, but it has more time to do so and to clarify the actual situation.

Disney+ has released new episodes of Ms. Marvel on Wednesdays.

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