Fans of Cancer Plot in Thor: Love and Thunder are prepared by Disney

Fans of Cancer Plot in Thor: Love and Thunder are prepared by Disney ...

Fans thought of a bombshell about Chris Hemsworth''s Thor''s future: This time, however, she was set towield the legendary Mjolniryes, even though it was only seen on Earth-616. So what sequence of events might possibly result?

Jane Foster''s Thor situation is exacerbated by the not-so-happy belief that she''s slowly dying of cancer. Every time she lifted the mythical hammer, the progress made by her chemotherapy would be restored.

With a recent interview with D23, Natalie Portman discussed how her character might conceal the truth about Hemsworth''s Avenger.

The Dark Truth Behind Jane

Natalie Portman talked about returning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in an interview with Disney''s D23 Magazine, revealing the dark secrets Jane Foster is harboring this time.

After doing what onThor: Ragnarok, Portman said, "[Love and Thunder] seemed like a great opportunity to refocus on the character:"

"I was so pleased by Taika [Watiti], Chris [Hemsworth, and Tessa [Thomspon] doing in Ragnarok... it just makes you smile the whole time... [Love and Thuder] was such a great opportunity to revisit the character and see her become a Super Hero."

While "Thor is unconcerned [at first]... he soon perceives her as a teammate rather than as competition," she revealed.

The D23 Magazine then noted that "Jane is tasked with a terrible hardship," which she is "able to conceal so long as she''s using Mjolnir." For those who know the source material, it sounds absolutely like her origins in the comics as she battles cancer.

According to a magazine, Portman noted how she was interested in portraying someone "who is as weak as she is strong." The actress herself asserted that "there is a superhero inside of every human who is required to face a threat head-on."

Fans are ecstatic to see Jane be silly and heroic in ways she hasn''t got to be yet in the MCU, according to the returning MCU star: "Excited for her to see Jane get to be silly and heroic in a way she hasn''t done yet.

"I''m particularly pleased for fans to see Jane learn to be silly and heroic in ways she hasn''t yet been in the MCU... Taika brings a lot of fun, mischief, and spontaneity to the set. It was a really relaxing atmosphere, and we accepted the silly."

Thor: Love and Cancer

Jane Foster''s cancer story is quite essential to the character''s appearance, so it''s no surprise to see howThor: Love and Thunder will bring it to life. Her version of the God of Thunder is defined in ways that can''t be replicated otherwise it may even spawn a ticking clock.

Jane loses time every time she takes up the hammer. So may this upcoming film be the only time people see Natalie Portman as the hero? However, fans will certainly want to see plenty of her if the trailers prove to be remarkable.

While audience will have to wait to see what her future might hold in the MCU, filmmaker Taika Watiti previously said that those who expect Foster to replace Thor Odinson might be surprised with where the film went. Hopefully, everything works out for them, and both can continue to have other adventures under Marvel Studios'' eye.

Despite all being, Jane has eventually succumbed to her cancer, but she now owns a Valkyrie (maybe that''s her true future?)

Thor: Love and Thunderhits cinemas on July 8

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