In Ms. Marvel Episode 1, there are 28MCU heroes and villains

In Ms. Marvel Episode 1, there are 28MCU heroes and villains ...

It''s no surprise that Season 1 ofMs. Marvelis was filled with Easter eggs and references to a tad of Marvel Studios'' character. After what appeared to be a slew of MCU connections on Disney+ withMoon Knight, the Iman Vellani-led series is here to offer fun sequences, a unique charm, and a slew of MCU references.

Fans knew that the series would draw from all of the best Marvel movies, but they might notice some of the most obvious choices like Iron Man and Captain America, but Marvelmanagedto sneak in a few unexpected Easter eggstoo, including Gwyneth Paltrow''s Pepper Potts and Elizabeth Olsen''s Wanda Maximoff.

Here''s how to see every character that''s directly, and indirectly, referenced in Ms. Marvel''s first installment.

The remainder of this article contains spoilers for Episode 1 of Marvel.

Captain Marvel

Kamala''s main inspiration for her superhero mantle is no different than Carol Danvers, so it''s only natural that the cosmic hero gets extensive attention in the series'' premiere.Captain Marvel receives a number of references, first being seen prominently in the openingof the episode in Kamala''s animation, revealing the events of the final battle in Afghanistan.

When Brie Larson goes to school, an array of posters depicting her on Kamalas shirt, alongside Valkyrie and Wasp. Bruno and Kamala proceed to rattle a whole host of Captain Marvel''s ''Variants'' who try to make their costume contest entries unique, putting them together with the following alternate versions: Steampunk Captain Marvel, Captain Panther, Iron Marvel, Doctor Strange, Asgardian Captain Marvel, Princess Captain Marvel, and Zombie Captain Marvel.

At AvengerCon, a huge glittery statue of Carol Danvers can be seen, as well as cosplays from attendees. This includes Kamala''s own suit, modeled after Carol''sEndgamelook, a number of outfits inspired by Captain Marvel''s first super suit, and even a costume modeled after the character''s comic book appearance when it comes to Ms. Marvel.

Captain America

In the first episode ofMs. Marvel, another captain is significantly highlighted, including Steve Rogers from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Captain America joins out to starring in Kamala''s opening video, creating a hand-drawn comic that Kamala discovers in her attic.

AvengerCon enlists and enlists plenty of cosplayers as the hero and waving his iconic vibranium shield around the convention hall. During World War ll, Camp Lehigh, the training grounds of Steve Rogers, has been uncovered in Captain America: The Winter Soldier,Avengers: Endgame, and others.

As Kamala and Bruno enter, the "Star-Spangled Man"song rises above convention speakers. Two iconic Steve Rogers lines are also referenced. A "That''s Americas ass" line fromEndgame is also a direct reference to Steve''s "I can do this all day" quote. A AvengerCon montage includes two iconic characters from Cap.

Black Widow

Natasha Romanoff is not too famous in Marvel for being one of the most well-known Marvel characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. At AvengerCon, she is wearing a special spotlight, where a tribute to her and her other deceased friend, Tony Stark, can be seen.

Iron Man

The hero of Robert Downey Jr. gets an animated version in the opening sequence of the show, which features Bruno, who dresses up as Tony Starkduring Kamala''s planning montage. A cardboard cutout of the Avenger can be seen at the convention.

The Avengers

Kamala''s anime features several members of Earth''s Mightiest Heroes, including Captain Marvel, Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Black Panther, Valkyrie, Scarlet Witch, Hulk, Ant-Man, Hawkeye, and Okoye.

Pepper Pottssneaks in the video suited up as Rescue, and fellow iron-clad hero Rhodeygets represented by a War Machine helmet.

Thanos & the Chitauri

The Avengers must fight a couple of villains, and the opening sequence has the perfect set of formidable foes to take them on. The finale battle ofAvengers: Endgame would not be complete without a colorful set of Chitauri warriors, as well as Thanos.

This time around, the Infinity Stone-seeking supervillain has a small crown and a bare chest, which is quite a departure from what Thanos is wearing in his various appearances.


Thor received a few key references ahead of his return to the big screen withThor:Love and Thunder.Kamala appears to know one of the God of Thunder''s secrets fromEndgame, easing her next video that will show how Thor is really a gamer. This is a direct reference to when Chris Hemsworth plays Fortnite with Korg and Miek in New Asgard.

Attendances for ''Meet Thor,'' relegated by two burly cosplayers who are known as the God of Thunder, will be amazed by Thor''s previous weapon, Mjolnir, who is famous for his ability to fall from the ceiling and collide withZoe Zimmer at the convention. It''s a surprise that she made it out of the confrontation alive.

Scarlet Witch

Wanda Maximoff still appears to be accepted by the general public following theDoctor Strangesequel''s events. Scarlet Witch gets her own cardboard cutout at AvengerCon, which might result in her ending up on the lunchbox after all.

Doctor Strange

Right next to Elizabeth Olsen''s character, Doctor Strange, is a display for the former Sorcerer Supreme. Benedict Cumberbatch''s hero is also represented by a cosplayer during the AvengerCon shooting, who is seen with an enormous Eye of Agamotto while playing guitar.


Despite only having one solo film in the MCU, theHulk''s desire to combine with other heroes has boosted his popularity among Earth-616 or Earth-19999 if lead actor Iman Vellani is to be identified. Kamala''s abbu displays a father-daughter set of Hulk-themed outfits, imagining a new duo dubbed ''Big Hulk'' and ''Lil'' Hulk.''

The big green guy is adorned with Hulks mouth as the entrance to the event, while Bruce Banner is also dressed up as Bruce Banner for the convention, arguably a favorite outfit.


Because Ant-man is small doesn''t mean he''s denied some big Easter eggs. Fans discover how the general public can benefit fromEndgame''s big final blowout, thanks to Scott Lang''s podcast interviews. One of the highlights is the show "This Powered Life," which highlights Ant-Man in the episode "Big Me, Little Me"

The hero of Paul Rudd is part of a second significant sequence in the premiere when Kamala accidentally beheads a Giant-Man statue. Naturally, chaos ensues and then draws attention of another interested party.


Scott Lang''s role in crime is also featured in the episode, albeit on a more mikroscopic scale. Kamala''s T-shirt, alongside Ant-Man, is also included in one of Kamala''s other films titled "Ant-Man and the Wasps'' romantic vacation in Paris."

Falcon & Vision

Two more heroes are included on a banner at AvengerCon, namely Vision and Sam Wilson. It''s unclear what mantle the new Captain America is working under at this point, but the lack of a shield seems to indicate that Falcon is being used for this design.

The Guardians of the Galaxy

The Guardians of the Galaxy is shown to have plenty of fans down on Earth despite being off-world the majority. Kamala is shown to be a fan of the group, represented by a Groot sticker on her mouse mat.Groot just barely misses out on being included in the opening video, as he can be seen on Kamala''s cutting room floor as she exports the animation.

Along with Rocket and Drax, the fan-favorite tree gets a cardboard cutout at AvengerCon. Dave Bautista''s Destroyer also gets representation in costume form, as a vendor at the convention provides Drax''s iconic tattoos as an outfit.

Other Guardians get the costume treatment, including Gamora and Mantis, who both have been seen roaming the convention. Star-Lord is nowhere to be seen, aside from what appears to be a biography titled "The Peter Quill Star Boy Story."


Anthony, an insect that gave her life to Scott Lang during Ant-Man''s events, is one of the most well-known characters in history.

AvengerCon, a popcorn company, has created a realistic mask, which might be a sly reference to the deceased arthropod.

Agent Cleary

Agent Cleary of Spider-Man: No Way Home makes his triumphant comeback in the post-credits scene of Ms. Marvel''s first episode, still working at the Department of Damage Control. After causing Peter Parker a world of difficulties in the Multiversal three-quel, it''s unclear whether Cleary will face Kamala as an obstacleor an unlikely friend.

On Wednesday, June 15, Fans may find out whenMs. Marvel reappears.

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