In a new photo, DCEUs Atom Smasher looks a lot like Ryan Reynolds Deadpool

In a new photo, DCEUs Atom Smasher looks a lot like Ryan Reynolds Deadpool ...

Fans are awaiting their next release from the DCEU, which will be with Dwayne Johnsons Black Adam. The character flips the script a bit by being a big-time anti-hero and not a straight-up superhero as well as all of the other characters who have had a solo film. Another group that may benefit others the most is the Justice Society of America.

As the name suggests, the famous group is basically an offshoot of the Justice League. However, it seems to be relatively small to watch the next film.

There are four names on the roster, some of whom the public knows. Hawkman, Dr. Fate, Cyclone, and Atom Smasher are some of the most well-known people in the world.

The designs of each character give each other a distinct appearance. Although all of that remains true, there is one character whose costume looks almost identical to Ryan Reynolds Deadpool, in part so that its a little strange.

Atom Smasher Raids Deadpools Closet

Theres Noah Centineos Atom Smasher, who has a bright red and blue costume design, who captures the eye almost immediately. However, there is something else that comes to mind when it comes to his attire.

The superhero suit is pretty similar to that of Ryan Reynolds Deadpoolits, who has just been recolored and given a new belt; the eyes even have the same shape around them.

Aldis Hodges Hawkman, the star of Atom Smasher, appears to be leading the initiative. His costumeis is a thorough adaptation of the source material.

Daneben, Dr. Fate, Pierce Brosnans, who has a symmetrical helmet design, can be seen in his arms.

Sarah Shahis Cyclone completes the group and sports a forest geek outfit with a colorful chest plate, to highlight the many buns she has seen on her hair and on the hero''s shoulders.

Is DC''''s Deadpool-Like Look a Coincidence?

Given all of the superheroes out there in the world, some of the costumes will likely resemble each other. Atom Smasher''s appears to be a great case.

From the shape around the eyes, their white appearance, and the distinct structure of his maskmost who look at him, are sure to think of Deadpool beforeanything related to Black Adam. But now, these similarities arent a bad thing in theory, but they will certainly draw attention to it themselves.

The texturing is absolutely incredible, from the standpoint of the vivid red and blue color scheme.

The majority of outfits seem to be masterfully outfitted. Although out of the box, Cyclone''s appears to be a clear step above Hawkman or even Teth-Adam himself.

On October 21, Black Adam will be available in theaters.

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