Stream It Or Skip It: VOD's Unbearable Weight, a Meta-Comedy in which Nicolas Cage Cleverly Spoofs Himself

Stream It Or Skip It: VOD's Unbearable Weight, a Meta-Comedy in which Nicolas Cage Cleverly Spoofs H ...

Nicolas Cage is a gem and we should be fortunate to have him in this world, conversing with things such as: The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent (now on VOD). Hes played action heroes, skeevy bad guys, sad sacks, twins, drug-addled detectives, heroes, hopeless drunks, recluses, first responders, and maniacs of all abilities. So lets whip out those Captain Corellis Mandolin and Man


The Gist: This film does not include a scene with Nicolas Cage, which appears odd, but it does have to develop a plot similar to that of a 1990s Nicolas Cage action film. So, we catch up with Nick Cage heretofore, who is also known as Nick in the hopes of getting a juicy lead role in his film, and he is also chatting with Nicky, a young man who, as you know, was passionate about his individuality and belief in personal freedom.

On his birthday journey, he sees his therapist (Joanna Bobin) and her agent for scenes in which we learn that he really needs to get involved. While he has long gone, he does, as well. He says, "It''s a personal hardship to have someone else pay off the $600,000 he pays for the event. Besides, being around someone who loves Nick Cage as much as Nick Cage is a good thing.

The rich fella is a Spaniard named Javi Gutierrez, an olive magnate or something, who knows, Nick Cage sure doesnt. He also knows that Javi is now being investigated for allegedly waging an international arms cartel, which he claims he was always obligated to read Javis'' screenplay; he has also shown that he has immediately been recruited to be a spy on the CIA; however, Nick is aware that when Nick and Javi get back to it

What Films Will It Remind You Of?: Bill Murray was so much incredibly Bill Murray in Zombieland, the entire cast was so incredible This is the End, and John Malkovich was so incredibly John Malkovich in Being John Malkovich.

It''s not terrible being in second place behind Nicolas Cage and Pedro, though nobody, even a gloomy ultraidiot, would think anyone would steal a Nicolas Cage-playing-Nicolas Cage film. Yet there are times when one believes TUWOMT might not be as watchable without Pascals'' witty, understated performance. It''s not terrible being in second place.

Two all-time favorite in this video:

Nick Cage smooches well! Nicky is a good kid.


Sex and Skin: None. A more hazy film might feature a scene in which Nick Cage has sex with himself, but the whole thing is fine.

Good news, everyone! The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent isn''t an exercise in aloof quasi-ironic post-sarcastic indulgence or whatever, and we should be grateful for it. It is a surprisingly tender film that fails to match comedy for heart, or vice versa, and finds Cage The Actor from Our Reality exploring some nuance in his Nick Cage character without worrying about his ribs. It is also a fine example of how the director and his co-writer said

Pascal is the secret weapon here, and the film begins with the goofy chemistry he and Cage cultivate as two pals. There are times when Gormican and Kevin Ettens'' screenplay feels tepid when it should take a risk and go full-hog gonzo-guts and glory glory, but such conservative choices do not break the deal. We live in a world where there are more people who dislike Cage than appreciate him in his ever-loving humor.

In light of that call, STREAM IT, it''s easy to understand how hydrating The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent is. It isnt a meta-masterpiece, but it is satisfying in both obvious and unexpected ways.

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