Ana Navarro meets with a panel to discuss her response to Brett Kavanaugh's attempted murder

Ana Navarro meets with a panel to discuss her response to Brett Kavanaugh's attempted murder ...

Ana Navarro had a break fromThe ViewThursday with some unpopular snaps. On today''s episode, the conservative guest co-host shared some laughs with her co-hosts during a discussion about Justice Brett Kavanaughs'' life.

After a guy made a visit to D.C. Wednesday (Jun 8) to try to kill Kavanaugh, House Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said the House passed safeguards on Supreme Court justices before the sun sets today,'' adding that there has been nothing on Uvalde so far, and nothing on Buffalo, and that he is concerned about the Supreme Court.

Navarro said in his response that we should be concerned about the Supreme Court, and that we should not dismiss, or condone any violence against any public official, whether or not. It shouldnt be the Supreme Court, there are also federal judges. There was one New Jersey daughter, Esther Salas, who died while she was pushing her own legislation.

Despite her plea, Sunny Hostin interrupted Navarro, and let me finish cutting in to say that Justice Sotomayor was threatened right after that judges son was murdered, and you didn''t hear about Mitch McConnell''s intention to pass any legislation then. So lets remember that this was not a direct result, and lets it all in perspective.

Navarro responded as usual, and this is what I said. Regardless of what youre is, we should all not condone and condemn any violence against any public official, to which Joy Behar claimed she was sorry.

Navarro continued, but what we disagree on, and what I want to know about it is, how come the reaction is a call for legislation, but our children get thoughts and prayers?

Navarro later discussed how some Republicans are blaming mass shootings on a lack of prayer in the classroom, scoffing, and how do you tell them about how many people are being slaughtered in churches?

Because you know me, whoopi Goldberg was cut in to answer, saying, well, you say, don''t listen to the United States. Everybody sees what happens, and people are activating themselves. I know this, because you don''t understand it, and it''s okay that you don''t believe it. Because I will never lose hope in the American people because you can count on them to say, enough.

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