Brooke Shields Has A Equally Relaxing Alternative To Meditation

Brooke Shields Has A Equally Relaxing Alternative To Meditation ...

Brooke Shields has been an icon since the 1980s, and the actor, model, and True Botanicals ambassador is equally booked and busy as ever. I just got off a red eye this morning from Las Vegas, she says over the phone. Sometimes, I get off a red eye and feel it''s [hectic.] It''s all a rush, she says.

Shields describes beginning Is Now as a 360-degree wellness program for women over 40. Her constant work is the reason behind her nonstop flights. I''ve been traveling so much, and my skin is so dehydrated that I just went through [the True Botanicals Moisture Lock Overnight Mask] by the gallon. Though she has spent more than four decades developing her self-confidence.

Shields, 57, shares more about her daily habits, the importance of trusting her gut, and more.

What is your morning routine?

I would say that if I had to have a routine, I would say that when I [was recently filming a movie] in Scotland, I had noticed that if you take the appropriate kind of bath, it would be strong and soothing at the same time. I do not start the day as stressed. I like having my tea, reading my journal, and being up before the craziness of the house starts.

What are some things that will assist you in dealing with stressful situations?

Im beginning to meditate a bit. I know that once I get into it, I will be at least partially a convert. Im so multi-scheduled through out every day, with [this business] and certain obligations I have to deal with various companies that I have.

I just finished a movie and we were doing [long] hours, but I just did needlepoint. I might do this relaxing [repetitive hand-eye movement] when I bake, sometimes that''s quite relaxing to me. Im finding other approaches to meditate to savor.

rumors that youre vegan. I imagine constant traveling might make veganism more problematic.

I know who came from! I literally eat everything. I would love to say I get all these things, because I think it would be cool if youre really committed to it, and you trust it, and I am sure I would feel better. Im sure I have less bloat.

Even vegetarianism would be a good thing. I''ve just teeter to [be balanced] if I am craving iron and I haven''t eaten much meat in a while, then Ill listen to my body more than anything else. Anything that''s excessive does usually not work with me.

What drove you towards True Botanicals?

I loved meeting [the True Botanical team.] I enjoy interacting with women-owned and women-owned companies. When I began really getting into the actual smells, textures, and different benefits, I was so impressed with them as a company and fell in love with and didn''t feel overwhelmed by their [regimen].

And you have recently started a new venture: Starting Is Now. Could you tell me about it?

As a demographic, I was adamant that this whole group of very active women has so much to offer, have so much vitality, and are starting new chapters. Their children are leaving the nest, they are deciding what they want to do with their lives, and yet, we go to our community and it isn''t available to us.

I said to my friend that the beginning for me is now. All other things I have done have been caused by society, a biological clock, pressure from friends, or any number of things. This is the first time I am looking at what I want my life to look like. That type of approach really enabled me to talk to more people, build a community, and its progress very quickly.

This interview has been described and then condensed for clarity.

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