What Is Maximalist Home Decor? The Colorful Aesthetic, Explained

What Is Maximalist Home Decor? The Colorful Aesthetic, Explained ...

Hear, hear! Talking to all the material girls to the table to discuss a phenomenon that is taking over TikTok and, at present, all 130 square feet of my living room. While minimalist decor is characterized by neutral colors and uncluttered spaces, the latest disturbing conversation is all about maximalism.

Maximumist home decor is quite the opposite of clear, open spaces, but still 100% intentional in its composition. Telltale signs of maximalism include full gallery walls, vintage knickknacks, and a flair for the unconventional in regard to outlandish paint colors and one-of-a-kind furniture. The hashtag #MaximalistDecor has collected an astounding 40.7 million views on TikTok.

Ariel Magidson, an interior designer for San Francisco, believes that maximalism is a vibrant, eye-catching, and spontaneous breath of fresh air when you do it. We talked to a few interior designers who either know a lot about the trend or live in specially designed maximalist homes. They (thankfully) share them with the rest of the world via TikTok.

Here''s a sneak peek at what a home with a maximalist decor can be:

What Is Maximalist Home Decor?

The Maximalist Aesthetic On TikTok

How To Decorate Your Home Like A Maximalist

What happens to a tense expanse of maximalism? Dani Dazey, an interior, fashion, and print designer, who designed and renovated a motel with Trixie Mattel on the latest Discovery Plus show, has a few suggestions.

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