Jennifer Connelly, one of the most powerful guns, has been married to Paul Bettany for over 20 years

Jennifer Connelly, one of the most powerful guns, has been married to Paul Bettany for over 20 years ...

Maverick''s approach to summer blockbuster tradition, to a beach scene (you know the one) that led TikTok by storm. But, in the end, Penny is the role of national treasure Jennifer Connelly, who is keen to be involved in the film, but what is it all about in real life? As it turns out, she has married Paul Bettany for a while.

The marriage between Connelly and Bettanys was officially beginning in the early aughts, when they married in a Hollywood fairytale, but the pair sat together even sooner. Ahead, details on a serendipitous childhood crush and every other ingredient on their power couple love story.

1980s: A Teenage Crush

Bettany told Larry King in 2015 that she was crushing on Connelly from afar when she was two teenagers, citing her performances in One Upon a Time in America (not a bad first film, he said) and Labyrinth, where she starred alongside David Bowie. But he was a kid in London, and she was a huge success in America so for a while, his crush was just a crush.

2000: They Work Together (But They''re Dating Other People)

While working on the 2001 film A Beautiful Mind, Connelly and Bettany connected IRL. But a relationship was not in the cards just yet. We liked each other, but we didn''t do anything about it, she told Glamour. We were both in friendships. We didn''t get together until months and months later.

2001: 9/11 & A Proposal

Connelly explained that when I saw Paul again and we were both single, we got together really quickly, she said. But that may be an understatement, as Bettany recalls it. He also revealed on Larry King that he had never met Connelly before, and that he was married for two days, too. I remember, very clearly, thinking to myself, what you were doing. So I got her off the phone, and said I''ll get married.

Connelly, who had one child, told Glamour what made the decision a no-brainer. It was about the way that we were together, she said. He stood out to me as a singular and exceptional and beautiful person, and I liked the way he was with others. I loved the way he was with my son, and the way he made me feel.

2003: They Get Married

Connelly and Bettany married in Scotland over the winter holidays 18 years later. It really changed who I was and what I saw as my goals.

2003 & 2011: They Welcome 2 Children

Connelly and Bettanys loved acquiring Kai after the birth of their son Stellan in 2003, while daughter Agnes in 2011.

These are, unlike Bettanys WandaVision kids, very real! Last year, he said, at People, he cherishes the moments when I catch myself and realize that the five of us are laughing together, ajouting that there isn''t just anybody on earth with whom I may have a better time.

2017: A Meta Marvel Connection

Connelly and Bettany''s first collaboration may have been most beneficial to their relationship, but they have actually teamed up since in a true Avengers sense. Bettany famously plays Vision in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but he also voiced Jarvis, the AI component of Tony Starks'' Iron Man suit, before appearing as a physical character in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Connelly is joined by MCU boss Kevin Feige for a similar AI voice for Peter Parker''s Spidey in Spider-Man: Homecoming. One, she''s a great actress, who can do anything she wants, according to Feige in 2017. Two, she inhabits some of the classic 80s films that helped us behind the scenes. She''s married to Jarvis, one of whom is in charge of the design.

So even if Connelly and Bettany haven''t technically appeared together in the MCU, this adorable Easter egg is just one more example of their Hollywood fairytale.

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