How To Get Back To Gun Control Reform Right Now

How To Get Back To Gun Control Reform Right Now ...

Every day, headlines are filled with more information about mass shootings. A recent spate of people from Uvalde, Texas, saw at least 19 students and two adults murdered. Its still spring, and already 2022 has seen 27 school shootings, according to NPR. Thousands will take to the streets on Saturday, June 11 to support March for Our Lives, a youth-led movement that requires lawmakers to act to prevent further violence.

Gun violence has become commonplace as the years pass, and too many shootings are still fresh in the minds of American citizens. Uvalde comes days after a mass shooting in a Buffalo, New York supermarket, where a gunman allegedly carried out a racist attack, killing ten people, and wounding three others. Yet, gun control reform continues to be a largely difficult task in Congress.

If you want to participate in the rally this weekend, you can march in Washington, DC, or search for a demonstration near you in one of the 450 (and counting) cities and cities that plan to run a march. If you can''t make it to a March For Our Lives event, then here are a few items you can donate to, as well as ways to keep an eye on.

1.March For Our Lives

March for Our Lives is a youth-led movement battling for a future free of gun violence. It aims to improve national standards for gun ownership, focusing communities through program and demonstrations, and strengthening the voices of gun victims. It has since been battling for the cause since 2018.

For more information, please send an email to 954-954. Click here to donate to March Four Our Lives.

2.The Brady Campaign To Prevent Gun Violence

This organization, commonly known as the Brady Campaign, is named after Jim Brady, a man shot and left permanently disabled during an assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan in 1981. According to their website, the organization uses a three-pronged approach to combat gun violence.

The organization was instrumental in implementing the Federal Assault Weapons Act and Brady''s Act, which mandates federal background checks for individuals purchasing a firearm. Currently, the organization is lobbying for background checks to be extended to all firearm sales.

You may sign up for the #Enough campaign of the organization.

3.Everytown For Gun Safety

Moms demand action for gun Sense in America and survivors of gun violence, and Everytown For Gun Safety argues for gun control legislation on the state and federal levels, and provides assistance to gun victims.

They want to engage the voices of "everyday Americans" in the struggle to build safer communities. They advocate increased penalties for gun trafficking, education on responsible gun ownership and storage, and closing legislative gaps that permit gun sales.

For Gun Safety in Everytown, you may donate it here.

4.Moms Demand Action

According to Twitter, Moms Demand Action is a grassroots movement of Americans who are looking for reasonable solutions to our nation''s gun violence culture. Through a volunteer-driven effort, you will increase awareness of gun violence, educate the public, and promote effective gun ownership.

Make a donation here.

5.Giffords Law Center

Gabby Giffords, a former Congresswoman, and her husband Mark Kelly, a retired Navy captain and astronaut, were shot while holding a lunch on a parking lot in Arizona.

Both are very supportive of the Second Amendment, but they want to stop the gun lobby''s massive political influence and Congress''s inaction on gun violence. Giffords Law Center collaborated with the Law Center in 2016 to make changes, including by requesting background checks, federal funding for research on the cause and effect of gun violence, and strengthening gun trafficking laws.

Here are some tips on assisting the Giffords Law Center.

6.Violence Policy Center

The Violence Policy Center is deploying "research, education, advocacy, and collaboration" to combat gun violence and the firearms industry. And the group must be doing something right, as the National Rifle Association described them as "the most effective anti-gun rabble rouser in Washington." The group has completed research that has helped significantly reduce the number of gun dealers worldwide.

This year, you may assist the Violence Policy Center continue to handle the gun lobby.

7.The Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Violence

According to its Twitter, the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Violence Solutions is an organization that undergoes rigorous research and uses advocacy to develop evidence-based, equitable solutions that will eradicate gun violence in our communities. We therefore focus on equity and seek the help of those most impacted on appropriate solutions. Its purpose is to provide evidence to support change.

Donate to the organization here.

8.Alliance For Gun Responsibility

Through collaborating with experts, civic leaders, and people in countries across the country, the Alliance for Gun Responsibility strives to change its policies, promote education, and identify evidence-based solutions, all in hopes of achieving an end to the gun violence crisis. By donating, youll help support its community-led programs that aim to keep people safe from shootings.

Donations to the Alliance for Gun Responsibility are available to assist you.


According to its website, CeaseFirePA has worked with experts, survivors, and advocates to bring effective gun violence prevention legislation to Pennsylvania. In response to the shooting in Uvalde, CeaseFirePA is currently contributing funds to Texas Gun Sense, a Texas-based organization battling for evidence-based gun control policies.

Donations to CeaseFirePA are available here.

This article was originally published on June 13, 2016 by the Prime Minister.

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