When it comes to dating, AJ Odudu is a personality girl

When it comes to dating, AJ Odudu is a personality girl ...

AJ Odudu, a TV presenter, is perhaps the most famous for presenting The Hot Desk, Manhunting With Mum, and Apocalypse Wow. However, since she became the Strictly Come Dancing stage in September 2021, she drew tears among judges and viewers. But what does it take to know about the presenters'' life off-screen, and who is AJ Odudu?

Odududu revealed that she was still single in November 2020, while the next day she revealed that 2020 would not be the year for her love life. It''s amazing how when she was going to get out there, and now I''m just focused on work.

In November 2021, the duo discovered that Odudu herself had a shady relationship with her partner, pro dancer Kai Widdrington. It had been displayed in a variety of their Strictly dances. It has also been speculated that he and Odudu would be more than just dancing partners. Although the rumours broke in November, the pair said, it''s all a bit of fun.

According to a Digital Spy, Widdrington is said to be chatting with Nadiya Bychkova, a co-star dancer. The rumoured couple recently shared a selfie.

Odududu previously told the Daily Mail that she is a very special personality girl, adding that when it comes to work, they are focused and know what she wants.

Odududu will air on Channel 4''s reality show The Bridge. This year, two teams battle it out for the jackpot money, and the cash prize has now been raised for 200k. The new series will be set on the paradise islands of Ha Long Bay, Vietnam, with 16 strangers embarking on a daunting task.

Odududu spoke on Channel 4''s eight-part series: "It''s so exciting to present a show that promises to push the envelope," but I know The Bridge will be bold, full of excitement and filled with plenty of drama. Bring it on.

This article was initially published on September 9, 2021.

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