Michael Owen praises Tottenham for his PL victory over Ben Bowie

Michael Owen praises Tottenham for his PL victory over Ben Bowie ...

Michael Owen replies to Raheem Sterling''s suggestion for a Tottenham transfer, as well as his ability to come up against a goal.

Former England striker claims to be Sterling, but says he assists his runs perfectly and scores lots of tap-ins. This season, he scored 13 Premier League goals and has scored 109 goals from 320 matches in the Englands top flight.

The Sterlings contract at the Etihad is expected to expire next summer, with no evidence on the validity of the letter.

Transfer rumors have emerged that he might head to the exit gate this summer, with Tottenham being one of the clubs eager to showcase his talents.

While playing on Channel 4, Owen was a prolific at scoring goals, and he discovers one in Sterling.

Owen said he is not sure he is a natural goalscorer, but he has started scoring those runs into the six-yard box.

Is there any chance to score three tap-ins? It''s not just luck. These midfield players, because there''s space around them and they feel more secure.

Going into where the bodies are, you think I''ll get a chance. Sterling does and is he times his runs perfect and scores plenty of goals.


Spurs would not compete in the Champions League, so there is no chance they could land a Sterlings player.

They have recovered from the elite, but this is the time for them to push their chest out and sign a player of the Englishmans.

Antonio Contes'' position would be elevated as England''s stars.

It would take some serious work to sign him and Tottenham have demonstrated over the years, under the direction of Daniel Levys, that they aren''t the type of club to spend enough cash on established players.

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