Memes ejected Twitter as Walmart acquired the Denver Broncos

Memes ejected Twitter as Walmart acquired the Denver Broncos ...

Rob Walton, a Walmart heir, has purchased the Denver Broncos NFL team for a staggering $4.65 billion, the most costly sports franchise in history.

The eldest son of Helen and Sam Walton, who owns Walmart, the world''s largest retailer, is the businessman and billionaire.

On Tuesday, the NFL revealed that the Walton-Penner family is planning to acquire ownership of the Broncos from the Pat Bowlen Trust pending approval from the NFL''s finance committee and at least 24 of the leagues 32 owners.

Rob said he is thrilled to purchase the Denver Broncos and added that: Carrie, Greg, and I are lucky to be able to take this great organization in a supportive environment.

Fans of Twitter are reacting to the purchase with memes. Here are a few of the most popular ones.

Memes flood Twitter after Denver Broncos sale

This Simpsons scene is fantastic:

The Walmart #Broncos??? You just cannot understand football Rob#BroncosCountry

The Broncos'' new logo is:

With the Walmartheir buying the #Broncos, the heir may be interested in buying the #Broncos

When a Walmart heir buys your favorite sports team:

Rob Walton will be the new owner of the #Broncos

Petition for him to perform at half time:

The #WalmartYodelingKid is a huge pick to perform during the home opener Now that Walmart''s father Rob Walton has agreed to buy the BroncosThe #WalmartYodelingKid is a huge hit to perform during the halftime of the home opener

Broncos at Walmart: at Walmart Broncos


Walmart''s parent buys Denver Broncos. #NFL

The new uniform:

So Walmart bought the Denver Broncos. So will the new uniform look good enough?


The Denver Broncos will now be available as a mullet and neck tattoo.

They will be playing at the Mile High stadium in the near future.

The Denver Broncos will now play at the.88 Mile High Stadium, according to a Walmart heir.

So humbling:

Im gonna begin shopping at Walmart

Their home uniform for fans is now officially official:

Walmart purchased the Denver Broncos, and now their fans designated their home uniform as official!

Please refer to this stadium as a result.

The 2022 Broncos'' color rush has disappeared:

The 2022 Broncos Color Rush has been leaked:

Rob Walton is able to handle some tough shoes:

Rob Walton has a lot of shoes to fill, including Homer Simpson, who proved to be one heck of an owner!

Fans of Green Bay are watching the Broncos build a new stadium:

Green Bay giants are watching the Broncos grow and build a new stadium that isn''t a dumpster

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