Lampard lauded his excellent Newcastle & Arsenal transfer target as he gave him his debut

Lampard lauded his excellent Newcastle & Arsenal transfer target as he gave him his debut ...

Both Newcastle United and Arsenal are on the lookout for signing Chelsea striker Armando Broja this summer.

Frank Lampard, the manager of Everton, who gave the 20-year-old his debut at Chelsea, has already praised him as very talented.

During Southampton''s recent-concluded campaign, he scored six Premier League goals for the 15th-placed Premier League side.

While these numbers do not jump off the page, it must be remembered that he is still a very young man and that the Chelseas academy is renowned to produce some serious players.

This is probably why Newcastle United and Arsenal are interested in the look of the all-action forward, along with other European clubs.

Lampard, however, cited Broja as someone with a real passion for goal, according to the Liverpool Echo.

Lampard is a great young player who is fast, strong, and has a real passion for a goal. He is a very good young player so i am very well aware of his capabilities.


Broja is still developing and developing his trade in the game at the start of his career.

He would have learned a lot from his first full campaign in England''s top-flight, and he should continue that until the next season.

Is he willing to spend more game time with Arsenal or Newcastle? Yes, the Gunners are trusting in a very young player to lead the line for them as they seek to return to Champions League football?

Does a guy like Broja push ahead of Callum Wilson, who, aside from injuries, is Newcastle''s main and proven striker?

Either way, the Chelsea man needs to select the team that will provide him with the start, and if that means returning to St Maryss, then then it.

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