The JSA's founding member is the Pierce Brosnans Doctor's death in black Adam

The JSA's founding member is the Pierce Brosnans Doctor's death in black Adam ...

Fans are getting a peek at the titular anti-hero, Pierce Brosnans Doctor Fate, and other roles, such as Hawkman in a new trailer for Black Adam.

We introduce you to Doctor Fate, explain what the characters power are, and reveal what fans are saying.

After Black Adam''s release from his tomb, fueled by Egyptian gods, Jaume Collet-Serra and based on the DC Comics character of the same name.

Who is Doctor Fate?

Kent Nelson, also known as Doctor Fate, is a famous sorcerer who is assisting the Lords of Order mystical beings in order to enforce order.

Doctor Fate is a founding member of the Justice Society of America, the original superhero team that was first introduced during the Golden Age.

A golden amulet, a cloak, and a helmet were all given to him by Lord of Order Nabu the Wise.

The last issue of Dr Fates will be October 4th. Makes sense, saving the best for the last issue. Definitely getting both covers.

What are his powers?

The most of Doctor Fates'' mystic abilities are derived from Nabus''s gifted helmet, the Helmet of Fate, as well as his own self-taught abilities in sorcery.

Doctor Fates'' powers range from astral projection and telepathy, to invisibility and even resurrection when he''s blessed with the helmet''s power.

Without his helmet, his abilities aren''t quite as comfortable as Jujitsu and medicine, according to him.

Doctor Fate Idc bout anyone in it but Doctor Fate

DC fans react to Black Adam trailer

After a lot of hype was built around it, this fan stated that they did not believe the trailer was up to the mark.

I assumed the trailer for #BlackAdam wasn''t up to the mark.

Another fan was very dissatisfied with the idea of obtaining permission to see Black Adam combat Shazam one day:

Cant believe that these two fights would happen once OMG

This fan hoped the designers used Zack Snyder''s color palette to get the look of Black Adams:

The #BlackAdam trailer demonstrates that they inherited Zack Snyders'' color palette*, throwd in some neon, and then cobbled together pictures from far better movies and renamed it a day. *muddy brown, muddy gray, and slate brown

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