Season 2 of Inside Job is officially on the way as Netflix has released a new trailer

Season 2 of Inside Job is officially on the way as Netflix has released a new trailer ...

During their Geeked Week event, Netflix has just released the first teaser trailer for Season 2 of their hit adult animated series Inside Job.

With Big Mouth, Disenchantment, and Chicago Party Aunt becoming popular, Netflix has evolved into a popular streaming platform for adult animated series.

Inside Job, a hilarious comedy series about Shion Takeuchi (Disenchantment) and Alex Hirsh (Gravity Falls), set in the shadow government corporation Cognito Inc., was one of the best animated shows of 2021.

Season 2 of Inside Job was confirmed before the first season was officially released on Netflix, with a brand new trailer recently revealing that the series will soon return.

Netflix wasted no time ordering Season 2 of Inside Job.

In April 2019, the Netflix streaming platform ordered a 20-episode run for the Inside Job adult animated series.

The 2021 release was actually part 1 of this order and began with only ten of the 20 scheduled episodes, indicating that Netflix Animation, Taco Gucci, and Jam Filled Entertainment already planned the second season of the two episodes.

Fans of Inside Job will be hoping that the cliff-hanger will resume for season 2, after Rand Ridley was reinstated as the company''s CEO by the mysterious Robe council.

This was all in line with Netflix''s overall deal with showrunner Shion Takeuchi that was announced last year. Netflix has signed a multi-year deal with the creator to develop new series and other products for free.

Netflix is continuing to expand its adult animated program, as well as produce consistent stream of new titles in the two months prior to the premiere. Three of the most popular adult animated series included Q-Force, the Chicago Party Aunt, and Adventure Beast.

Considering that the streaming company ordered 20-episodes more than two years ago and that the series is one of the first in-house productions, it was a safe bet that Inside Job was looking to continue for more ridiculous adventures from the start.

Takeuchi''s sentiment has been shared on social media, and if you like Inside Job and want to see more, please spread the word and get your friends and relatives to watch!

A brand new trailer for Inside Job season 2 was released during Netflix''s Geeked Week Day on June 8th.

Inside Jobs'' previous trailer ended with a typical Coming Soon caption, with no release window being confirmed by either the streaming giant or the series showrunners. However, considering the 20-episode order in 2019 and the recently launched trailer, fans may expect Inside Job Season 2 to return in Fall 2022.

LEAK ALERT A first look at Inside Job Part 2 is coming soon to Netflix.

What is the significance of Season 1 of Inside Job being rated by fans?

After being released in late-2021, Inside Job received great attention from both fans and critics.

Over 21,240,000 hours of Inside Job have been watched on Netflix by the streaming giant, which has included Twenty-five, Twenty-One, Lupin, Midnight Mass, and Lost in Space.

The good feedback for streaming hours has been mirrored in user feedback ratings, with Inside Job scoring a 7.6/10 on IMDB, 4.7/5 on Google Reviews, 8/10 on RatinGraph, and 89% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Despite the overwhelming majority of responses from viewers on social media, this is one of the most recent Netflix animation Ive ever enjoyed, adding that they haven''t laughed this much since the OG rick and Morty seasons.

I love the similarities between the first scene of Inside Job Season 1 and the scene from Inside Job Season 2! One goes on a drunken rant, and the other picks up the one who is ranting drunken. #InsideJob

By Tom Llewellyn, [email protected]

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