He improves any team, according to Agbonlahor, and claims the midfielder does not want a transfer to Tottenham

He improves any team, according to Agbonlahor, and claims the midfielder does not want a transfer to ...

As he told talkSPORT, Gabby Agbonlahor claims Christian Eriksen would not want to return to Tottenham this summer.

In the wake of rumors that Spurs and Manchester United want to sign Eriksen, the former Premier League striker added that Eriksen is improving any team.

Eriksen returned to football in January after being out of action for nearly a year following his exit at Euro 2020.

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Before Eriksen''s arrival, Thomas Franks side had begun to hit a slippery slope, but he had to play a role in resurrecting them, defeating two of his ten Premier League starts, before guiding them to a 13th-place finish.

With Eriksen going on to be a free transfer this summer, Agbonlahor believes the club, both Spurs and Manchester United, isn''t the place for him.

According to Agbonlahor, he was his manager at Inter Milan, so that''s an option for him.

It''s possible that he doesn''t want to return to a club he has already been at. The way he left was absolutely impressive.

I am sure he has so many possibilities. Manchester United is being discussed, but I don''t know. Perhaps he can do well than Manchester United.

Imagine playing with him. The runs you may make. He is finding you anywhere on the pitch.


Given the trust Brentford gave to Eriksen, when others didn''t take a punch on him in January, then he should repay them by staying on track.

If he does, then it significantly increases their chances of staying in the Premier League and being able to thrive long-term.

Aside from that, players like Ivan Toney would be able to take their game to the next level due to Eriksen''s excellent abilities.

Either way, the team that will end up with Eriksen next season will have a bargain of a player on their hands.

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