Queer As Folk Gave Me Time For Self-Reflection I Desperately Needed, Jesse James Keitel

Queer As Folk Gave Me Time For Self-Reflection I Desperately Needed, Jesse James Keitel ...

Queer As Folk instantly felt like she was born there for Jesse James Keitel. In the Peacock revival series, the 28-year-old tries to figure out what she really wants in life, and discovering all of the highs and lows of that journey. Ruthies life is messy and complicated and that''s exactly what enquired Jesse about her.

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EXCLUSIVEly, Jesse talked about Ruthie not being ready for the life she wants and crashing into motherhood. She talked about embracing the queer culture in New Orleans and bonding with her castmates. This episode, for Jesse, a trans woman, arrived at truly crucial moments in their own self-discovery of their queerness. Read our full Q&A here:

Did you audition for Ruthie or was it presented to you? What was the process like for you? Jesse James Keitel: It was incredibly straightforward. I just proceeded to get started on Big Sky the next day after sending in a self-tape, and it ended up being quite tough to make. I really loved my time on Big Sky, and instantly this project just felt like home.

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What prompted you to think about Ruthie''s role in the first episode, which said, "You may be trans and toxic." That''s how Ruthie makes mistakes, and how she is not quite ready for the living she wants. I''ve never seen a project like this before, but I''ve never seen a case yet. I''ve always felt that she can adapt to anything you have ever seen before. I''ve never seen a project like this before, and I''ve never seen a situation

What was the transition from Big Sky to Queer as Folk? Jesse James Keitel: It was certainly a success. Network television has a whole spectrum. You have to act on the line. It allowed me to breathe and Queer as Folk afforded me that. It gave me time to breathe in this character, breathe in these people, and have a lot of time for self-reflection that I desperately needed.

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Ruthie is undergoing some major life changes in the series due to the arrival of twins. Jesse James Keitel: I think this is how she manages this shift in her life. I think it''s really refreshing to see a character who is not capable of doing anything. She is often reluctant to do anything and is being mindful of doing things. I think a cool part of her journey, especially early on in the series, is sort of seeing her be a bad mom and overcome that and become more open about parent

Shar is very willing to be a parent, but Ruthie made a certain amount of a floppant decision by saying, Sure. So I think in a surprisingly selfless act of agreeing to a parenting partnership with Shar, Ruthie probably betrayed a little bit of what she wanted. At least what she wanted, according to the first episode. Ruthie''s best friend, Brodie, has reintroduced herself from the beginning.

When Brodie returns to New Orleans, what kind of relationship is she-like? Jesse James Keitel: It''s so fun getting to play that dynamic. They are two balls of this messy, fun, vibrant, sexy, and silly energy. It''s so cool getting to play with a messy adult relationship.

What you can do without giving away on their past with one other? Jesse James Keitel: When that relationship comes to an end, they know each other better than anyone else.

Is the show leaving it open for a second season? Jesse James Keitel: I think viewers will be racing for a second, third, fourth, and beyond.

What was the process of embracing that culture? I didnt realize that there was a lot of queer community down there. Jesse James Keitel: It was the type of queerness that made me feel most at home. Every weekend, there are events that will benefit everyone. They fepridelt together. They all acknowledge ourselves with open arms. I cant wait to return. I felt my guilt when I left.

Pride Month will air in June, which will be Pride Month. I often ask, What does Pride mean to me? I''ve never really understood how to respond. This morning, I learned how Texas Republicans are debating drag queens in the presence of minors. Theres only such fear around queer people, and corporations who would otherwise be able to shop here. This month, when I see community as like, it''s a harsh reality, knowing that it''s always there,

When it comes to community, you might feel it watching the show. Jesse James Keitel: Its magnetic because we became real friends. It''s because we all got into a real-life friendship group. This friend group is too diverse. I remember seeing some really negative early criticisms of the casting of the show being like, and it shows ourselves more easily on screen. I think a lot of the cast, myself included, showed up at very key moments in their own self-acceptance of their queerness. Getting

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