In a new outlaws video, Dizzy Wright is partnering with Chris Webby to recreate my cowboy wag

In a new outlaws video, Dizzy Wright is partnering with Chris Webby to recreate my cowboy wag ...

Is there a new era of Westerns on us? Following The Harder They Fall and The Power of The Dog, hip-hop artist Dizzy Wright makes a case forcasting him and Chris Webby in their own desperado feature with the cinematic Outlaws video. Dizzy Chris, DJ Hoppa, and the rest of their posse ambush a poker match with six shooters drawn. This caper begins an adventure that includes a gold mine, bounty hunters, and ultimately,


The song expresses a story. I walk through the door with my friends so that they won''t end up on my bad side / Yall dont know who yall f-ckin with, because we gon chase them crazy bald heads / Right out of this town, get found and they all dead, writes Dizzy, per Genius. Chris comes in to sing the hook, reminding you of who you are, yeah / We public enemy number one / You know that dangers

Dizzy tells HollywoodLife that mini films bring the music to life but also show a different side of my personality. In this video, I think it is one of my best ways to accomplish it: whether you have to take it from you or take your life to get it, or had some outlaws, and this is exactly what we see. lol I hope everyone enjoys this video. #StillMovin

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After watching Outlaws, it''s hard to not see a Flint Backwood cinematic universe in order to see where these characters come from and when to confront them next. Dizzyland''s new album, Dizzyland, which was released in April, features DJ Hoppa, who has also supported his previous projects, including 2020s My Hustle Unmatched and 2021s Slidin and Glidin. This is why Dizzyland has become a special character in the past year. Both have a connection and

Fans of Dizzylandsdozen have earned appearances from Xzibit (24 Hours) and B-Real of Cyprus Hill (Promoter, which includes Man Like Devin), Omari Hardwick (I Cant Quit), Toxsikk (Whats The Rush), Jon Connor (Ambush), Trent Monroe (Escape), Demrick, and Reezy (On The Move). However, Dizzys hustle has established a reputation as one of the most successful musicians in the rapper world today.

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