During an unexpected run-in, Lisa Vanderpump and Teddi Mellencamp close Puppygate three years later

During an unexpected run-in, Lisa Vanderpump and Teddi Mellencamp close Puppygate three years later ...

After the MTV Movie & TV Awards, former Beverly HillsstarsTeddi Mellencampand Lisa Vanderpump settled the infamousPuppygate romance. The women shared a photo of the conversation with Twitter, informing viewers that she and Teddi, 40, discussed what they had with LVP, 61, on their podcastTwo Ts In A Pod.

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Teddi admitted on the podcast that she and LVP talked for about 20 minutes, but Tamra said she thinks it was more than 40 minutes. Mostly, she was discussing how LVP would have skipped the season 9 reunion if she had been exposed for telling a story about Dorit Kemsleyto the press. But she was kinda over all that, Teddi added. Unlikelyly, neither of the folks who involved you in the situation with me do not work for me anymore.

Lisawasupset with Teddi for saying that the OG Housewife would never return to the hit Bravo series. By the way, I say the same thing about myself, Teddi, who was fired from the show after season 10. It wasnt me being disrespectful. I dont know that she wants to go back, or she doesnt want to go back. Eventually it hurt her ego that I said that.

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After over three years of beefing, Teddi felt that she and LVP had a relaxed conversation; she expressed admiration for each other in the conversation. The daughter of John Mellencampalso disclosed that she requested LVP to listen on the podcast, but that offer was immediately dismissed.

On Puppygate, Dorit gave away a dog to a new owner from Vanderpump Dogs after claiming that one of her children was biting, and when the news of that was received from LVP, she allegedly leaked the information to the press to make Dorit look back. LVP has consistently denied any wrongdoing, thoughRHOBH executive producer Chris Cullen has said that she did not divulge the story.

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