Ms. MarvelCreator Has No Reason What Happens in Marvels

Ms. MarvelCreator Has No Reason What Happens in Marvels ...

Bisha K. Ali is the director ofDisney+sMs. Marvelseries. Basically, the program allows her to directMs. Marvel to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and then send her off to her big screen debut in the upcomingThe Marvels. It''s a confusing process, though, that Ali has no clue what will unfold. It might sound like it could be an issue for the program, but it may certainly help out a bit.

The fact that the plot ofCaptain Marvel took place in the 1990s only muddys a possibility''s existence further. WillThe Marvels take place in space or here on Earth if Nick Fury demands her? Will Captain Marvels'' relationship with Ms. Marvel be developed, or will they already be acquainted by the time we see them in the film?

In a recent interview with ScreenRant, Ali wasn''t particularly helpful about plot statements, which included the following:

I don''t know what their overall plans were, because if they told them to me, I''d say absolutely everyone. However, when we started the creative process of the show, we already knew that she was destined for The Marvels. I already knew that when we started the process, so that did affect the character arc. I''m gonna get her ready for anything that happens to the film. Which I don''t know, they will not tell me, because I''ll spill the beans.

What will happen to Ms.Marvel followingMs. Marvel? Every Wednesday, Ms. Marvelpremieres on Disney+.

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