Dominion Draws Franchises Worst Reviews Ever on Jurassic World

Dominion Draws Franchises Worst Reviews Ever on Jurassic World ...

Before the summer began, many experts predicted that the Dominion would be the most hit on the summer film season. But if it does so, it will only happen when the entire film will have the worst reviews in the history of the entireJurassic Park andJurassic Worldfranchise. (It would also have to somehow defeatTop Gun: Maverick, who is breaking box-office records, but that''s another story.)

The reviews forDominion are still coming in, but so far, they are mostly bad. On Rotten Tomatoes, the film is currently at a 38 percent point point.

Up to now, Rotten Tomatoes scores are roughly ten points lower than their previous worst score for aJurassic ParkorWorldfilm.

Dominions'' final score might vary a bit from 38 percent. Its got about 150 reviews right now and will likely conclude with at least double that many people expect on Rotten Tomatoes once they are all said and done.

These Rotten Tomatoes scores start at their highest level (early reviews tend to be the most enthusiastic) and slowly drop off over timeas more and more people see something. Although the score might go up a bit, it would be quite unusual for the film to perform significantly better among critics repurposing later reviews to fall out of the bottom.

Here''s a recap of my ownDominion review:

Dominionis claims to be incapable of answering its predecessors central question How would humanity co-exist with dinosaurs? instead, it just devolves into yet another tale of brave heroes operating from scary dinos in a remote location.

This weekend, Jurassic World: Dominion opens in cinemas. You have been warned.

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