Lightyear Early, according to reviews, offers a fun sci-fi adventure

Lightyear Early, according to reviews, offers a fun sci-fi adventure ...

Pixar is on a roll. Two months after the critically acclaimedTurning Red, they seem to have another winner on their hands withLightyear.

Thepremise: This is the film we saw Andy as a kid who made him want to get a Buzz Lightyear toy. Instead of Tim Allen, Chris Evans is spooked and engaging with his fellow Space Rangers. Soon, Buzz and his friends even have to confront Zurg the bad guy toy introduced inToy Story 2.

The premiere of Lightyear took place last night in Los Angeles, and the first reviews landed social media following that. Despite the reviews, the first wave of viewers who saw the film were generally positive. The movies'' sense of adventure and fun, its detailed visuals and style, and Chris Evans'' strong performance as the new Buzz Lightyear

A lot of people have described Sox and Buzz Lightyears as a huge scene stealer.

Although the reviews for Pixar are not the best in history, youd expect anotherWALL-E. After a stretch where some people were complaining thatPixar was producing too many sequels (or original movies that were obvious rehashes of the studios formulas), theyreally have delivered a series of very different, very enjoyable films in a row andLightyearlooks to be another.

Here''s a sampling of theearly reviews forLightyear.

Lightyear will be released in theaters on June 17. It''s a good idea to have the movie here on ScreenCrush next week.

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