Afterlife Sequel and Animated Film for Ghostbusters

Afterlife Sequel and Animated Film for Ghostbusters ...

The originalGhostbusters was first released on June 8, 1984. At some point, it was decided that June 8 should therefore be a Ghostbusters Day, a commemoration of all things ectoplasmic.

This year, a tonne of newGhostbusters stuff was announced. Early on, Netflix announced they were making a newGhostbustersanimated series. At the last minute, we got the main event: Theunveiling of two newGhostbustersmovies.

One is Sony Pictures Animation''s first-everGhostbusters animated film (with the help ofJason Reitman and Gil Kenan, the director and co-writers of the recentGhostbusters: Afterlife), while the other is a direct, live-action sequel to Ghostbusters: Afterlife.

That one is being developed under the working titleFirehouse, and it will follow Afterlife''s and itspost-credits scene, where Ernie Hudsons Winston Zeddemore paid his fortune to restore the old Ghostbusters firehouse in New York, which, albeit under the impression of him, remains intact.

A new VR game has been announced on the Sony Pictures lot, which has been named after the late director.

Ghostbusters: Afterlife was the first movie in the series with the original cast returning in their previous roles in 30 years. It made just under $200 million worldwide, compared to the opening weekend in the United States, but was likely enough to get all of these newGhostbusters projects approved.

Listed below is the full Ghostbusters Day announcement.

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