The first trailer for Rob Zombies The Munsters movie reboot has arrived

The first trailer for Rob Zombies The Munsters movie reboot has arrived ...

Rob Zombie''s film adaptation for The Munsters is due to air this fall, and he will have a few surprises, thanks to a new trailer and behind-the-scene footage. So here''s what we know so far about the Munsters movie reboot:

Meet the Munsters!

Last October, Rob Zombie presented three of the central cast members for his Munster family''s home with a photo. Herman, Lily, and The Count are seen sitting in front of the 1313 Mockingbird Lane.

Sheri Moon Zombie, a Westworld graduate, has been cast as Lily Munster. Dan Roebuck will play Grandpa Munster, also known as The Count. It has yet been revealed who has been cast in the role of Eddie Munster, the werewolf child of Herman and Lily, or Marilyn Munster, the plain and normal-looking niece of Lily Munster.

Universal Studios released a new teaser.

The Munsters is made of black and white at the start of the film, featuring Herman Munster walking through the front door and blowing a kiss, and Grandpa Munster walking in with a shovel. After a few seconds of awkward silence, Grandpa admits, it''s going to be fantastic!

In a June 8 interview with Entertainment Weekly,Rob Zombie learned about his decision to make the film in shades. "I knew that if I went in and demanded ''This film''''s going to be in black and white or forget it!" "We would not be talking about The Munsters right now, because it would have never happened, he said. I guaran-f---ing-tee it.

He did not try to make the color unique. But what I did do was make the colors sort of hyper-real. When the actors were walking around, getting lunch or whatever, they sounded like cartoon characters come to life. They were amazingly colorful. I was like, I must use it to light the film in the same manner. It seemed at all times like a live action cartoon.

What do we know about the film so far?

Rob Zombie''s decision to direct and assist with the development of a popular family-friendly series, The Munsters, was a departure for the filmmaker, who has directed and directed a number of gruesome horror films such as Halloween, Halloween II, House of 1,000 Corpses, and The Devils Rejects. However, according to Rob Zombie, the project had been a challenge for 20 years.

Rob Zombie has worked hard to renovate The Munsters'' iconic house as well as the idyllic suburban neighborhood it resides in. 1313 [Mockingbird Lane] was designed for Instagram when the filmmaker wrote. It took a lot of work to complete the project, but it now takes a lot of effort to build it.

Rob Zombie said his film will make fans feel at ease. "Yeah, it''s 100% in the spirit of the show," he told EW on June 8th. "I didn''t want it to be different. I wanted to recreate the feel that it had in the ''60s."

One thing Rob Zombie hasnt revealed is what fans can expect as far as plot. CBS The Munsters centered around a Transylvanian-American family of genuinely kindhearted and wholesome creatures, although they are odd-looking. Lily and Grandpa were also popular. While it''s still unclear exactly what the Munsters will get up to, fans can rest assured that these central details haven''t been altered.

Will Rob Zombies The Munsters be appropriate for children?

Given his background in horror films, it''s unsurprising that many parents are wondering if the Rob Zombies'' PG-13 version of The Munsters will be appropriate for kids. According to the first trailer, the Rob Zombies reboot of The Munsters was rated PG, making it more suitable for most children.

What do we know about the films release date?

While no release date has been disclosed yet, Collider has reported that the Rob Zombies reboot of The Munsters will likely be released sometime this fall, despite the fact that the film was directed by Peacock. EW has confirmed that The Munsters will be released sometime this fall, so fans will get to see it by Halloween. Fingers crossed!

This article was originally published on October 18, 2021.

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