A Major WandaVision Plot Hole Is Fixed by this Tiny Ms. Marvel Easter Egg

A Major WandaVision Plot Hole Is Fixed by this Tiny Ms. Marvel Easter Egg ...

Before the production of Ms. Marvel, anyone knew that Kamala Khan was a great Captain Marvel villain. But even that was difficult to prepare viewers for how large a fangirl she was. Ms. Marvel Episode 1 included the podcast easter egg that quietly fixed one of the franchise''s most significant running plot holes.

Warning: Spoilers for Ms. Marvel Episode 1 follow. Kamalas'' opening sequence reveals the depths of her Kamalas fandom in a sequence of colorful comic illustrations adorned with high school composition books. Kamalas'' most recent project a YouTube vlog devoted to preaching Captain Marvels powers and setting the standard straight about her 20-year absence. Her drawings and voiceover accurately detail the significant beats of Avengers: Endgames'' final battle.

It is not the first time Marvel has shown the general public as having an understanding of what went down at the compound. Since WandaVision, Monica Rambeau and Jimmy Woo debated the plot details of the showdown with Thanos. However, they weren''t there. (Monica was dusted at the time!) So how did they know what happened?

It''s not like CNN had cameras on the scene; there were no reporters with MBakus troops to report from the ground. It''s one thing for Clint Barton to recount Natashas'' passing in Hawkeye; he was there. A Midtown High tribute that he saw was publicly confirmed. (It''s also the mistake of assuming Steve Rogers would have been the official line for those who are not in the knowledge.)

Kamala Khan''s story of the Endgame battle initially appeared to be on the verge of repeating this plot hole, but the show landed the mark straight. Because of my extensive research and my exposure to Scott Langs podcast interviews, Kamala gives viewers the opportunity to discover how the story unfolded. Langs'' documentary (four-minute documentary entitled Big Me Little Me) brings audiences the first-person trailer for Endgames events. No one has ever imagined the New York Times running a Pulitzer-winning series on

As Kamala explains, Lang is known as a cool guy who directs access to the battles survivors. Not everyone would be willing to be a guest on the pod, though. (It''s doubtful Wanda Maximoff would agree to be interviewed.) But Lang''s commitment to be discreet about what needs to be kept quiet would go a long way.

Now, all viewers need is for the MCU to go the extra mile and have Paul Rudd record a few Langs Big Me Little Me episodes, and the interest will be set on this topic.

Every Wednesday, Ms. Marvel will feature fresh episodes on Disney+.

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