Elite Daily Newsletter: June 8, 2022

Elite Daily Newsletter: June 8, 2022 ...

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Remi Bader swooped on summer trends.She now feels sunnier.

Remi Bader, a fashion designer, will live on TikTok forever, according to Victorias Secret, which hired Bader to help them with expanding the range of their PINK range. Here, she tells us why she''s all about body chains this summer and the one Y2K trend shell *never* take part in. Read More

20 Under-$40 Swimsuits Are Going Viral On TikTok To Kickstart Your Hot Girl Summer

Is there a more dreadful task than shopping for a new swimsuit? But there is a TikTok to help you solve every problem. Some of these are loved for being super robust and comfortable while taking on a few waves, and others are beneficial for more of a lounge-y, lay-out-with-a-book type of day.


Your Zodiac Sign Will *Needs* To Give Your House Good Vibes

The way you adorn your sacred space is a form of practical magic, because everything starts with intention. (So, if that intention is adorning your walls with posters from the Practical Magic movie. Baby Sandy!!) But here''s the plant that best aligns with your zodiacs vibe. Read More

Chaney Subtly Addressed Those Kanye Breakup Rumors

Yes, what is the relationship with Ye and Kim ahem, my bad Chaney Jones? Yesterday, sources told TMZ that the two called it quits after a ''casual'' Japan trip. At the time, there was no agreement on whether Kanye Ye West or Jones reportedly ended things... and now, thanks to the Chaneys Insta story, things appear to be unlikely to end either.

These 11 Signs Might Make Your Relationship Too Fast

When youe In It, you may not realize the two of you are hurtling into the future at warp speed. Like, if it''s been a couple months and you''re already talking about moving in together and getting a dog, maybe take a beat. Here are some tips you may be getting ahead of yourself. Read More

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