Due to minimum age requirements, Twitter pulled 9to5Mac and XDA Developers Accounts

Due to minimum age requirements, Twitter pulled 9to5Mac and XDA Developers Accounts ...

Twitter terminated the accounts of 9to5Mac and XDA Developers on Thursday because to a lack of meeting its minimum age requirements. The suspension came into effect after the publishers changed the birth date in their accounts. Both accounts were reaffirmed for the XDA Developers account hours after the restriction, although the information provided by the publisher was not fully recovered. Interestingly, the 9to5Mac account was also a part of the Twitter Blue Publishers network, which was first introduced last year for US-based publishers to provide

Seth Weintraub, the publisher of 9to5Mac, took to Twitter using his personal account to say the suspension. He shared a screenshot of the notice that states: "Being able to create a Twitter account, you must be 13 years old." Twitter has determined that your account has been locked and will be removed from Twitter.

In the event the account was locked in error, the company advised the publisher to disclose it directly.

Weintraub informed Gadgets 360 that he used several methods to complain about the issue, but the account was still unresolved. Their lockout mechanism is logically. However, there are no failsafes for Twitter Blue Publishers.

At the time of publishing the article, the account in question began to show some signs of improvement.

The incident took place when social media manager Arin Waichulis, a 9to5Mac company, was promoted to enter a birth date to pay audio conversations on the platform.

Arin updated the birth date of the account to his since Twitter was likely to solicit a proof of identity, according to Weintraub on Gadgets 360.

Despite that mistake, the account was locked because he was not of the age of 13 when the 9to5Mac account was originally created.

According to Twitter''s age requirements, people on the platform must be 13 years of age or older. It also requires users to remove their previous information if they had signed up for an account before they were 13 years old. However, the company does not provide a specific age requirement restriction for individuals.

As reported by Aamir Siddiqui''s editor in chief, the XDA Developers account came back a few hours after being locked.

Gadgets 360 has reached out to Twitter for a comment on the matter, and will update this article when the company responds.

It is important to note that Twitter''s removal of organizational accounts for failing to meet its age requirements is not a new topic for it. It appeared in several articles in 2018 and it was also outraged on the Web for permanently locking users out of their account if they had established them under the age of 13.

Back then, Twitter acknowledged the issue and apologized to affected users. Despite the fact that the issue appears to have been established and has an impact on some publishers, not just individual users.

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